10th Anniversary of Hyundai Mobis Technical Center of India, Now to Be Specialized in Automotive Software

- Contributing to the acquisition of ISO 26262 certification, and developing the first radio broadcasting receiver that covers all of India
- Concentrating on development of multimedia, DAS and autonomous driving software

SEOUL, South Korea--()--On April 13th, Hyundai Mobis (KRX:012330) announced that the company would transform the 10-year-old Mobis Technical Center of India (MTCI) into a R&D center specializing in software that is essential for future automobiles, such as multimedia, Driver Assistance Systems (DAS) and autonomous driving.

MTCI, which was established in Hyderabad for the purpose of verification of automotive software, has contributed to the acquisition of ISO26262 certification for main electronic components, and led the development of the digital radio broadcasting receiver that makes it possible to listen to the radio all across India for the first time.

This year MTCI increased the number of R&D staff to 450, 90 times increase from 5 when it was first established in 2007. It has been concentrating its efforts on software verification and development of the application software for local model components.

MTCI has led the development and verification of software, such as Smart Cruise Control (SCC), Lane Keeping Assistance System (LKAS), Smart Parking Assistance System (SPAS), Airbag Control Unit (ACU) and Mobis Electronic Brake (MEB4), thereby contributing to acquiring the ISO26262 certification.

MTCI joined hands with NXP India, a global automotive semiconductor maker, to develop the digital radio broadcasting receiver that can cover the entire country for the first time in India. Hyundai Mobis were in charge of receiver development and vehicle testing, and NXP took charge of semiconductor chip development. This product drastically improved radio broadcasting in India where only 40% of the country is able to receive FM signals. It was highly recognized by the Indian Digital Radio Broadcasting Association.

Based on these achievements, MTCI is planning to enhance its own software design capabilities, and further spur the development of application software necessary for multimedia, DAS and autonomous driving through close cooperation with the Technical Center in Korea.

When the Technical Center in Korea confirms system specifications and requirements, and designs the basic logic, MTCI will optimize the software platform by verifying detailed specifications and developing application software.

Director Cho Gyu-ryang, head of MTCI said, “We will concentrate on developing localized strategic parts and application software that will advance the age of autonomous driving by securing our own development capabilities in all processes including product planning, design and mass-production.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai Mobis has a total of 4 overseas technical centers, including India, the U.S., Germany and China, in addition to the Technical Center in Korea. The Technical Center in Korea is serving as the R&D headquarters in all research areas of Hyundai Mobis, e.g. autonomous driving, environment-friendly electronic parts, chassis, braking, steering, lamps and safety.

Each technical center is specialized for its regions, and synergy is being created through collaboration. The Technical Center of North America in Detroit, U.S., and the Technical Center of Europe in Frankfurt, Germany are developing autonomous driving systems, DAS, chassis, and the Technical Center of China, located in Shanghai, is in charge of vehicle testing of modules and braking and steering parts produced locally, as well as design improvement.

About Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis is a global tier-1 automotive supplier. It was established in 1977, and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. The corporate philosophy is to become a lifetime partner with technologies for automobiles and people.

Hyundai Mobis currently employs about 30,000 people. Manufacturing operations are over 30 locations in 10 countries, including Korea, China and the U.S. Product ranges are wide; automotive modules (chassis, cockpit & front-end), brakes, steering, suspensions, airbags, lamps and automotive electronics.

R&D headquarters in Korea and 4 technical centers in worldwide; Germany, China, India and the U.S., Hyundai Mobis is striving to develop autonomous driving and eco-friendly technologies. Hyundai Mobis has mass-produced a great number of DAS technologies and green car components for hybrid, EV, PHEV and FCEV.

For more information, please visit the website (http://en.mobis.co.kr).


Hyundai Mobis
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Release Summary

The 10-year-old Hyundai Mobis Technical Center of India (MTCI) will transform into a R&D center specializing in software that is essential for future automobiles, such as DAS and autonomous driving.


Hyundai Mobis
Choon Kee Hwang, +82-2-2018-5519