SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS: Introducing the Latest Version of DataSpider Mini for Excel, the System Integration Tool Which Enables Excel Automation, for ASEAN

― With New Engine, 10 to 15 Times Faster Than Previous Version ―

Multi-Stream Converter (MSC) (Graphic: Business Wire)

TOKYO--()--SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD (JASDAQ:9640)(Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuhiro Uchida; hereafter “SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS”) and its subsidiary HULFT Pte. Ltd., (Singapore, CEO: Kazuhiro Uchida) announced that they began offering DataSpider Mini for Excel Ver. 4.0 SP1 for ASEAN region from April 5, 2017. DataSpider Mini for Excel is one of the HULFT series of file transfer middleware products, which boast the fourth highest share of the market in terms of worldwide sales (*1) and the leading share of the domestic market in Japan (*2).

Background to Release
Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet software is widely used in business not only in Japan but also in the ASEAN region, and there are many cases where data integration with various business systems is performed manually. Error-prone tasks such as data transcription and the requirement to improve work efficiency become issues in a business environment, with the result that there is a growing need for the automation of Excel spreadsheet operations. In December 2015, to respond to these customer needs, SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS released DataSpider Mini for Excel, which makes it possible to quickly and easily build the integration process of Excel and peripheral systems without programming. DataSpider Mini for Excel Ver. 4.0 SP1 is using the latest version of the core engine, DataSpider Servista 4.0 SP1, updated from DataSpider Servista 3.0.

Value Provided
DataSpider Mini for Excel Ver. 4.0 SP1 strengthens integration with the Excel spreadsheet, which customers know well. The usability of those parts that help customers improve their speed of operations, such as read processing or Excel books and sheets protection, has been enhanced. Also, by adopting a new engine, the speed of aggregation/combination/sorting data is also increased. As for the speed of the combining data processing, the performance of this new version is 10 to 15 times better than that of the old version.

Functions Enhanced

  Specified cell read processing

Books and sheets protection

Sheets, rows, and columns display/hide processing

Addition of cell format and comment setting function

Increase of the speed of aggregation, combination and sorting of data by adopting a new engine (multi-stream converter*)

(*Divides the read data by the number of usable cores and perform processing by stream in parallel)


Product Information

DataSpider Mini for Excel Product Component

  DataSpider Mini for Excel server      

Development-use client x1

Excel adapter

Email adapter

CSV adapter

Schedule trigger

CPU license fee: US$8,500 per CPU (30% per year for maintenance)
Monthly license fee: US$568 per month (including maintenance)
Optional adapter: from US$280 per month
*DataSpider Mini for Excel can be upgraded to a higher version such as DataSpider Servista Basic Server or DataSpider Servista Advanced Server Package by paying the price difference.

Sales Region
ASEAN, including mainly Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia


  Microsoft Excel is the official name of Excel.

Excel is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

HULFT and all HULFT related products are registered trademarks of SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD.

DataSpider is a trademark of APPRESSO K.K.

Names of other companies, products and services are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.
*1 Source:   IDC, Nov 2015, “Worldwide Managed File Transfer Software Market Shares, 2014: Year of Steady Growth” (#259975)
*2 Source: Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc., “New Market of Software Business 2015” (based on packages/monetary value)

(Product details:
Compatible with an ever-growing range of platforms since its launch in 1993, HULFT is file transfer middleware equipped with all the functions customers need to share files between business systems. There are currently 185,800 (*3) HULFT licenses in use by 8,600 companies in 43 countries worldwide, spanning a wide range of industries. In addition to sending, receiving and managing file transfer jobs, products include peripheral functions essential to transferring files, including security and data integration before and after transfer.

*3: As of the end of September 2016

DataSpider Servista
DataSpider Servista is data integration software developed by APPRESSO K.K. It provides a GUI development environment requiring no advanced programming knowledge and allows users to quickly and easily integrate data without paying attention to the system connection methods and differences in format. With the help of an adapter that easily connects different types of data such as those in SAP, IBM Notes and databases, it supports the automation of data integration and enhancements in operational efficiency. DataSpider Servista has application in a broad array of operations irrespective of business type. It has been adopted by more than 2,900 corporate users (*4) in Japan to help increase their productivity and reduce their costs.

*4: As of the end of January 2017

Headquarters: Sunshine 60 (21F), 3-1-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-6021, Japan
Established: September 1, 1970
President: Kazuhiro Uchida (President and CEO)
Capital: ¥1,367,687,500
Business activities: Financial systems, Retail service systems and IT solutions, HULFT
Securities code: 9640 (Tokyo Stock Exchange, JASDAQ Standard Market)


HULFT Pte. Ltd.
Yasuko Sakurai / Takayuki Gunji, +65-6248-4625
Masaaki Takayama, +81-3-3988-5301

Release Summary

SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS Introducing the Latest Version of DataSpider Mini for Excel, the System Integration Tool Which Enables Excel Automation, for ASEAN


HULFT Pte. Ltd.
Yasuko Sakurai / Takayuki Gunji, +65-6248-4625
Masaaki Takayama, +81-3-3988-5301