New Ready4 Vocabulary Feature Reveals the Common GMAT Words Users Do Not Know

Nearly three million total words reviewed in vocabulary feature across mobile test prep company’s suite of free apps

BOSTON--()--Ready4, the company revolutionizing mobile learning through personalized and effective education solutions, today announced the availability of a vocabulary feature that lets users ditch index cards in favor of anytime, anywhere test prep. Since the vocabulary feature’s introduction in late November, users have prepared to accurately define nearly three million words in total and currently answer thousands of word questions every day. The vocabulary feature is available in Ready4’s GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT apps, which are available for FREE download on both the Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores.

Designed by a team of learning technology experts, the proprietary adaptive algorithm that powers Ready4’s vocabulary feature delivers users the words they do not know and need to review alongside new words, an approach called spaced repetition that takes full advantage of the brain’s capacity for learning. For each vocabulary card, users are able to view the word and a hint, as well as tap on it to reveal the definition and then select how well they know the word—marking either “don’t know,” “need review” or “mastered.” Ready4 provides users with the option to study both basic and advanced words, and its algorithm shows the words in an optimal order based on each user’s progress.

Unlike vocabulary offerings in other test prep apps, Ready4’s vocabulary feature is more comprehensive in that it provides tips on alternative definitions to help users prepare for the secondary, less common definitions that often appear in tests such as the GRE—and context sentences that show what the word means in a way it is most commonly used in particular settings. These features allow users to drill down into the alternate definitions of words such as “gross” and “overhead,” which have different meanings in business contexts than they would in normal speech.

The Top 10 Common Words GMAT Users Don’t Know
Based on an in-depth analysis of the approximately 500,000 words presented to users of the Ready4GMAT app, Ready4 identified the most common basic words that users marked they “don’t know” when preparing for their exams. With hundreds of users marking “don’t know” in just the last four months, the Top 10 are:

1. Scathe
2. Scourge
3. Volition
4. Vestige
5. Tenet
6. Staunch
7. Slew
8. Secede
9. Tenable
10. Subvert

To test your own knowledge of these words and get their meanings, visit

“Using flashcards to learn vocabulary is as effective as using a heavy, outdated textbook to prepare for a test—they simply don’t work with the way today’s students learn students,” said Elad Shoushan, CEO, Ready4. “We’ve applied the adaptive learning algorithm that has prepared millions of students for their exams to our vocab offering to ensure users are ready for any word that’s presented to them on the GMAT. Our vocab feature has harder words than other apps, but presents them in a way that makes them easier to master.”

The recent addition of the vocabulary feature is the latest in Ready4’s continued focus on providing users with the most comprehensive mobile learning experience. All of Ready4’s mobile learning apps are powered by an adaptive learning capability that understands and accounts for a user’s strengths, weaknesses and test-taking quirks to provide a truly personalized experience design, providing the kind of practice, sequencing, repetition and question selection required for maximum effectiveness. Driven by big data and proprietary algorithms, Ready4 connects its insights into users’ target programs with the recruiting requirements of universities, helping both students and schools find the right match. To learn more about Ready4 and its mobile learning products, please visit

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Release Summary

Ready4, the company revolutionizing mobile learning through personalized and effective education solutions, announces that users have studied more than three million words using its vocab features.


Laurie Gallagher
Jenna Gilligan, 617-426-2222