Denshi Gihan Co., Ltd. Releases Flash Series Cases for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and IC Cards Featuring a Printed Circuit Board Wired in the Evangelion Unit-01 Pattern

~ The Core in the chest area flashes without batteries ~

OSAKA, Japan--()--Denshi Gihan Co., Ltd. released FLASH iPhone 7, FLASH iPhone 7 Plus and FLASH IC card cases with a design of the Evangelion Unit-01 from the popular animated series “Evangelion” through PCB ART moeco, its division that offers creative accessories and products by focusing on the artistic aspects of printed circuit board designing and production technologies.

FLASH cases feature a circuit board with an intricate wiring pattern and a circuit with a LED that lights up when captures radio waves emitted by an iPhone or a card reader (patent pending). In the case of the Evangelion Unit-01 design, the red LED representing the Core in the chest area lights up when the circuit captures radio waves.

Further, Denshi Gihan will launch an E-commerce site PCB ART moeco HK in Hong Kong on April 5, providing services in Chinese.

PCB ART moeco JAPAN 1 (Japanese)

PCB ART moeco JAPAN 2 (Japanese, English)

PCB ART moeco HK (Chinese, English)

moeco production process video

Intricate Design Drawn with Approximately 14,000 Lines

The Evangelion Unit-01 design on the iPhone cases is drawn on a circuit board with approximately 14,000 lines using a CAD application. The product, which was designed and is being produced at a small factory in Japan, embodies the intricacy typical of Japan in its design while also encompassing a surprise factor. The cases are available in approximately 50 stores nationwide and are perfect as something new to take home as a souvenir from Japan.

Stores Offering FLASH Cases

Added Appeal of LED that Lights Up without Batteries

The iPhone cases convert the radio waves emitted by the iPhones into electricity and light up the LED by increasing the voltage. The LED normally remains off and lights up at random when the iPhone emits strong radio waves. It has a tendency to light up when an application involving large volumes of data is in use or when the iPhone is searching for a location. The circuit with an LED that lights up without batteries has a patent pending.

The LED on IC card cases lights up without batteries when placed on the card reader at ticket gates or when the card is in use to make payments. IC card cases are made entirely of circuit boards, comprising three boards (surface, middle and bottom layers) that are press-bonded together.

Product Specifications

FLASH EVA01 PCB ART iPhone7 case

FLASH EVA01 PCB ART iPhone7 Plus case


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Denshi Gihan Co., Ltd.
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