inVibe Delivers the Power of Voice for Qualitative Data in Real-Time

Company Demonstrates Its On-Demand Qualitative Service, the inVibe Interactive Voice Response Platform, at IIeX Health Conference

PHILADELPHIA--()--inVibe Labs Co-Founder and CEO Fabio Gratton today addressed IIeX Health attendees on the power of voice in the field of market research. In his presentation, entitled “Alexa, How Will Voice Technology Transform Market Research?” Gratton covered the innovation of voice-enabled data capture combined with real-time, machine learning analytics to improve access to qualitative insights for healthcare marketers.

“There is no better way to understand an individual than to listen to them,” Gratton said. “Voice is a very powerful thing and it’s amazing how much information is encoded in how we speak – from speed and intonation to pauses and emotion. We have worked for the past four years to unlock that power and make it available to clients for better qualitative insights.”

In conjunction with his presentation, the healthcare research company also released a white paper, Taking Back Qualitative Research: Measuring the Value of Voice in Market Research. The white paper provides an overview of the challenges the quickly growing on-demand research industry faces as it pertains to delivering qualitative insights. The paper also demonstrates how inVibe’s fully automated voice response platform helps overcome many of these barriers, while providing researchers with an on-demand option that doesn’t compromise the rich quality typically obtained from traditional qualitative research methods such as focus groups and phone interviews.

“Qualitative research has been dragged into a race to the bottom as it tries to keep pace with the break-neck speed and dropping cost of it’s quantitative counterpart, with enormous compromises made with techniques such as open-field text boxes becoming an acceptable means for qualitative data capture. So much gets lost in the participant experience that the data becomes, at best, unreliable and at worst, unusable,” Gratton said. “What we’ve learned is that the nuance of emotion delivered by voice provides a degree of ease and accessibility that encourages a thorough response. We see voice, when coupled with the advantages of mobile technology and machine learning, becoming the fastest, cheapest and most reliable research technology in the world.”

As a proof of concept, the white paper provides a comparative analysis of market research studies employing two data capture approaches: the familiar open-field text box prevalently offered by web-based research services and inVibe’s proprietary voice response platform. The results confirm the superiority of voice-response data capture in securing rich, complete and authentic input from participants, leading to more accurate qualitative insights for clients.

“inVibe has built a fully-automated, on-demand research platform to manage the entire logistics process of research – from recruitment to reward – across all audiences. Our core objective is to make it as easy as possible to let companies ask the questions they want and let people share their responses. Not by checking boxes or open text fields, but with their voice,” continued Gratton.

The inVibe platform was demonstrated in real-time at the IIeX Health conference, an event focusing on consumer insights within the healthcare industry designed to bring together key stakeholders to share their vision, showcase cutting edge technology, and co-create the future of insights together. During Gratton’s stage presentation, conference attendees were invited to shout out a research question along with a target audience profile. They were then introduced to the firm’s newest technology innovation, a voice-enabled integration with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service that allows researchers to launch research studies simply by providing Alexa with the audience and the question. Attendees were able to hear the results of their impromptu research minutes later at the inVibe booth at IIeX Health, confirming the on-demand capabilities of the platform.

The inVibe white paper Taking Back Qualitative Research: Measuring the Value of Voice in Market Research is available for download here.

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inVibe is transforming how healthcare organizations get insights by delivering structured, qualitative insights on demand. inVibe has created the industry’s first and only fully-automated mobile research platform that is capable of reaching millions of patients and doctors across hundreds of conditions and specialties and capturing their voice. inVibe's frictionless insights solution is used by major pharmaceutical companies, marketing agencies, universities, and healthcare startups. For more information please visit


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InVibe Labs CEO Fabio Gratton demonstrates its proprietary on-demand qualitative service, the InVibe Interactive Voice Response Platform at IIeX Health Conference


Engaged Communication
Liana Miller, 949-276-8920