Customer Analytics Helping Global Retailers Achieve Double Digit Increase in Sales, Says Quantzig

Quantzig provides customer analytics and business intelligence solutions for retail chains. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LONDON--()--The recently completed project by analytics and advisory firm Quantzig has enabled a global retail leader to increase its sales, customer footfall, and cross-selling through the application of customer analytics and business intelligence solutions.

There is an almost overwhelming volume of data that can be collected about customer behavior, demographics, and preferences, and many ways in which that data can be used. Customer analytics allows retailers to study the effectiveness of everything from pricing to promotions to store layout, and determine the best ways to improve customer experience and grow the retailer’s customer base.

Quantzig’s latest undertaking was to deliver incremental value to customers based on insights from their purchasing behavior and evaluate how the store format was impacting product sale, in order to identify potential areas of improvement for store design. Furthermore, the analysts at Quantzig helped the client develop a solution that is capable of analyzing and targeting customers based on their in-store activity, improving customer footfall and optimizing offers and discounts to spur sales. The result was a 12% increase in sales, along with other benefits.

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Quantzig’s retail and CPG portfolio

With customer needs and shopping behaviors changing rapidly, it becomes imperative for the retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries to develop customer-centric solutions and experiences and drive business outcomes. Quantzig’s portfolio of retail and CPG analytics solutions uses predictive and prescriptive analytics to help companies with critical decision making around pricing strategies, product promotion, sales and demand forecasting, and merchandising planning.

Solutions provided by Quantzig

  • Store layout planning
  • Pricing analytics
  • Assortment planning
  • Demographic planning
  • Profitability analysis
  • Sales analysis and forecasting
  • And many more

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About Quantzig

Quantzig is a global analytics and advisory firm with offices in the US, UK, Canada, China, and India. For more than 12 years, we have assisted our clients across the globe with end-to-end data modeling capabilities to leverage analytics for prudent decision making. Today, our firm consists of 120+ clients, including 45 Fortune 500 companies. For more information on all of Quantzig’s services and the solutions they have provided to Fortune 500 clients across all industries, please contact us.


Jesse Maida
Media & Marketing Executive

Release Summary

Quantzig has completed their recent project where they provided customer analytics and business intelligence solutions for a leading retail chain.


Jesse Maida
Media & Marketing Executive