Introducing HelloWorks, The End to Digital Paper Pushing

New Software Built on the HelloSign Platform Allows Businesses to Turn Process Into Revenue

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HelloWorks in action.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--HelloSign, the company powering the future of intelligent business, today announced the launch of HelloWorks. HelloWorks is a digital workflow product built on the HelloSign software platform that turns costly business processes into revenue for companies of all sizes. The HelloSign platform is used by 53,000 companies around the world, and HelloWorks has already been adopted by companies like Instacart to drive significant new revenue.

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Many of today’s most important business processes rely on forms and documents in PDF format to gather information — example processes include consumer or small business loan applications, new bank account openings, new hire onboarding, home purchases, and so on. These processes are typically high volume, directly relate to a business’ revenue stream, and yet are highly complex and error-prone. Incomplete business workflows, including those hampered by obsolete PDF technology, can cost businesses between 11-25% of their revenue annually. HelloWorks is a brand new workflow platform that eliminates ‘digital paper pushing’ by completely reimagining workflow for today’s and future requirements.

"HelloWorks has helped to transform our process for onboarding new shoppers, enabling them to fill out shopper contracts and forms directly in our mobile app,” said Bill Babeaux, Associate Product Manager at Instacart. “HelloWorks has significantly improved our completion rate for onboarding Shoppers over our previous PDF and email-based system. We’re now exploring other ways we can improve costly processes using HelloSign’s new platform.”

HelloWorks is an intelligent workflow solution that makes it possible for the first time to turn any document or form into a personalized experience for the user. With HelloWorks, the experience of filling out a form and associated workflows are completely reimagined, presenting individuals with a streamlined form experience that only surfaces information relevant to them, never asks the same question twice and dynamically changes based on real-time inputs from users. This delivers more power and flexibility than ever before to both the individuals filling out the documents, and the businesses that receive them.

HelloWorks allows information that was once stuck in static PDFs to flow to whatever systems, applications, and databases need it. The HelloWorks experience is responsive, which means it’s easy to fill out required information on any device. Complex and static workflows are made dynamic with conditional logic, data validation, and the ability to plug in APIs for real time look-ups. HelloWorks eliminates PDFs from processes ranging from the simplicity of contract signatures to the complexity of enterprise workflows, providing truly digital enterprise workflow for the first time.

“In conversations with tens of thousands of customers around the world, we’ve heard that thriving companies want to end their dependence on PDF technology and the losses stemming from digital paper pushing that PDFs cause,” said Joseph Walla, CEO at HelloSign. “HelloWorks gives businesses a platform to power their most important document-based processes, and ushers in a new opportunity for HelloSign to help businesses of all sizes around the world.”

“There’s a lot of talk in the enterprise about the benefits of transforming from paper based processes to digital, but in order to be truly digital, complete automation is key. CXOs need to be thinking about how to automate content creation and how that automated content interacts with systems and people for max efficiency,” said Jim Lundy, Founder, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research. “At Aragon we’re seeing a new class of software emerging we call workflow and content automation (WCA) that touches on workflow, document generation and customer communication management that enable automation to combine with legacy systems. We see HelloWorks as one of the pioneers in this new class of enterprise software.”

About HelloSign

HelloSign is powering the future of intelligent business. The company’s software platform — which includes eSignature, digital workflow and electronic fax solutions — converts process to revenue for over 50,000 companies around the world with HelloSign, HelloFax and HelloWorks. For more information visit


Jasmine Castro-Torres


Jasmine Castro-Torres