iDD biotech Enters Worldwide Exclusive Licence Concerning Antibodies and Patents Related to CK8

LYON, France--()--iDD biotech has announced earlier today the signature of an exclusive worldwide licence with PULSALYS, the Technology Transfer Office of Lyon University, to scale-up and accelerate the development of iDD005 R&D project targeting CK8.

CK8 is expressed at the cell surface in cancer cells (eCK8), in particular in colon cancer but also in head and neck (HN) carcinoma, in glioma as well as in lung cancers. iDD biotech, together with Lyon Cancer Research Center (CRCL), hosted by the Centre Léon Bérard (CLB), has developed humanized MAb targeting eCK8 and has gained spectacular in-vivo POC with tumour shrinkage and massive necrosis. These very encouraging results with preclinical animal models support the continued development towards a phase I study of a first in class in human clinical trial.

Paul Michalet, CEO of iDD biotech commented: “Targeting eCK8 is a promising approach to treat Colon Cancer and Head and Neck glioma for which existing treatments are still far from being fully efficient. Our close relationship with the experienced research team of CRCL has been a powerful basis to develop a new mechanism of action and PULSALYS has been very supportive. Today we are very pleased to enter a new stage, with the signing of the worldwide exclusive licence for therapeutics uses. This project demonstrates the strong expertise and high efficiency of our team led to strong in vivo POC Animal studies which open the road to clinical trial preparation and thus offer a strong opportunity for value creation in our company.

Khaled Bouabdallah, Lyon University and PULSALYS Chairman added: “PULSALYS mission is to detect promising results from Lyon & St Etienne academic laboratories and to accelerate technology transfer to the best industrial partner to reach the market. We identified very early the strong potential of this eCK8 developed by Nuclear domains and pathologies team in CRCL. After a first pre-financing phase, the project has raised the interest of iDD biotech, which brought its strong expertise in monoclonal antibody development through a successful collaboration with the research team. Today, we are really pleased to sign a license agreement with iDD biotech who is structured to efficiently move its iDD005 MAb to clinical stage.

Jean-Yves Blay, CLB Managing Director concluded: “CLB, the Leon Berard Cancer Center is a leading comprehensive cancer center in Europe. We strongly invest in translational research, linking onsite basic research in particular with the CRCL, and the clinical research departments. This deal is one more validation of our strategy to team-up with biotech companies to innovate and develop new treatments. iDD biotech, has proven to be very efficient and we will be delighted to pursue and support a clinical phase.”

About iDD biotech

iDD biotech is French, based in Lyon biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative products in targeted immunotherapy. His candidates are based upon monoclonal antibodies, for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases and inflammation. The company is aiming at reinforcing the therapeutic arsenal and the pipeline of pharmaceutical companies.

iDD biotech owns key assets for its development: an extensive library of monoclonal antibodies with new potential targets, a portfolio of projects and patents, and several drug candidates.

With its technology platforms the company carries out the early stages of target validation and molecular and genetic engineering. It also produces antibodies for preclinical development. Strong intellectual property is a significant component of these activities.

In particular, iDD biotech has developed an innovative combination in biotherapy, in anti DR5 antibody, which led to the signature of an agreement with the biotechnology company Genmab, in March 2015. A first contractual milestone was achieved in April 2016 with the choice of the clinical candidate.

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About The Léon Bérard Center

The Léon Bérard Center (CLB) is one of the twenty French cancer centers. It is affiliated with the National Federation of Cancer Centers (FNCLCC, UNICANCER group). It offers, gathered in one site, a whole range of diagnostic tests, treatments and person follow-up, during and after the illness. The Center is a regional reference in term oncology. It carries out a threefold mission of care, research and teaching, with a constant desire to increase the quality and accessibility of care for cancer patients. It receives more than 30,000 patients each year in hospitalisation, consultation or for a test. 6,000 new tumors a year are thus diagnosed. The CLB has technical platforms for examinations and treatments (operating room, radiotherapy center, departments of medical imaging, pathological anatomy and cytology, and nuclear medicine ...). There are 304 authorized beds and places as well as 100+ places available for home care.

1,600 people (including 200 doctors, 450 researchers and 600 nurses) work at Léon Bérard Center, in the personal care industry, the research and teaching sector and for support functions. In September 2013, CLB's clinical research was certified to ISO 9001. This internationally recognized standard is a guarantee for all patients, doctors, academic and industrial partners that clinical trials happen with high quality and safety level.

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PULSALYS is the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of Lyon University. Created in 2013 as part of the state-initiated PIA program, PULSALYS aims to enhance public research by transferring technologies to the socio-economic world.

With a state fund of 57 million euros over 10 years, PULSALYS relies on the excellence of laboratories at Lyon University, where it detects and protects research high potential results. PULSALYS selects the most promising projects and invests in their technic and economic development by integrating the needs of companies to facilitate their transfer.

PULSALYS is also one of the first French TTOs to integrate a service dedicated to support the creation and development of startups businesses based on its technological innovations.

Key figures since inception:

  • 365 detected inventions including 70 funded projects
  • 50 supported start-up projects, of which 42 were created
  • 22 signed licenses
  • 95 patents filed
  • € 9M invested

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Laurent Poinsot, +33 1 53 70 74 77


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Laurent Poinsot, +33 1 53 70 74 77