Neovia Logistics-Guadalajara Receives Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Award

IRVING, Texas--()--Neovia Logistics, a global supplier of logistics services, has received the prestigious Volvo Cars Quality Excellence (VQE) Award for its support of Volvo Cars in Guadalajara, Spain.

“We are proud to be part of the Volvo team and to contribute to the success of the company,” said Neovia CEO Pat Olney. “Neovia is not your typical third-party logistics provider, and companies like Volvo increasingly see the value we provide.”

The VQE Award is given annually to top-performing suppliers who have gone above and beyond with the company. The award is based on a set of fundamental quality disciplines, evaluating the supplier’s delivery performance and long-term capability against nine different measures, including:

1. Certificates

5. Escalation

2. Volvo Cars’ Supplier Evaluation Model (SEM)

6. Quality Action

3. Service Level

7. Claim

4. Customer Impact

8. Trust


9. Customer Endorsements


To qualify for the award, a supplier needs to maintain an “approved” rating for all elements for at least 12 consecutive months. The evaluation is completed jointly by Purchasing and internal users of the product or service being evaluated by Volvo Cars. The second award element, the Supplier Evaluation Model, is an assessment tool built up of 17 measures to assess the supplier’s long-term capability and sustainability. When the supplier fulfills the criteria in all elements for the first time, the supplier receives the VQE Award at a ceremony at Volvo Cars.

“Our team works hard to deliver quality service for Volvo every day,” said Guadalajara Plant Manager Nacho Sanchez. “We’re pleased that Volvo Cars recognizes the outstanding effort we make to drive their business forward.”

About Neovia Logistics

Neovia is a global leader in third-party logistics, operating more than 100 facilities in 25 countries around the world. For 30 years, Neovia has combined its OEM mindset with real-world innovation to solve complex logistics challenges for companies in the automotive, industrial, aerospace and technology sectors. Neovia works with companies of all sizes throughout their lifecycle as a partner, advisor and enabler of transformation. The company offers a full suite of services, including service parts logistics, inbound logistics and finished goods distribution offerings as well as value-added services such as inventory and transportation management. For more information about Neovia, visit


Neovia Logistics
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Neovia Logistics
Greg Artkop, 469-804-2483