Mobile Study: 25% of Americans Willing to Play April Fools Pranks at Work

IRVINE, Calif.--()--MFour Mobile Research, the leader in mobile market research, surveyed 300 respondents from the nation’s only all-mobile panel about whether the workplace is fair game or off-limits when it comes to playing April Fools’ Day pranks. Here’s what they told us:

  • 69% of respondents said they typically indulge in April Fools foolery
  • 25% said they carry their hijinks into the workplace
  • 29.3% of men and 20.7% of women report they’ll be April Fooling at work
  • 36.3% of Millennials and 23.4% of GenXers intend to play workplace pranks

21.8% of those who plan to play pranks said they’ll target colleagues, but colleagues were second only to parents (19.8%) as the people least likely to be pranked. Friends (53%) and significant others (46%) have the most reason to be on guard against trickery.

Hispanics reported the most enthusiasm for April Fools’ Day pranks – 76.7% said they plan to participate, compared to 61% of Caucasians and 60% of African Americans. But Hispanics were below the national average when it came to taking the festivities into the workplace – 23.3% of Hispanics and 20% of African American respondents intended to play pranks at work, compared to 26.2% of Caucasians.

The data suggest that respondents are aware of the negative consequences they can suffer when a prank goes too far — or when they target the wrong person on the job. 45.3% of all respondents said they experienced an unpleasant blowback — and 2.7% said that they suffered a “professional reprimand.”

17.7% of respondents said they’d deploy whoopee cushions and other gag items that make embarrassing noises. And 21.3% of respondents said they plan to unnerve unsuspecting victims with toy bugs, rodents, snakes, and such. Other consumer items include plastic wrap, duct tape, baking soda, ramen noodles, food dye and, of course, toilet paper.

Even when the job is shenanigans, American ingenuity is on full display on April Fools’ Day.

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Release Summary

MFour Mobile Research, the leader in mobile market research, found that 25% of Americans are willing to play a prank in the workplace for April Fools’ Day.


MFour Mobile Research
Allison Fletcher, (714) 754.1234