HelpSocial Disrupts Social Customer Service with New Open API and Utility Pricing Model

Social Customer Service Platform now includes a more modular Open API and usage-based pricing, giving all departments access to powerful social media capabilities.

SAN ANTONIO--()--HelpSocial, the #1 integration platform for combining social media and messaging apps with customer care, has announced major updates to its Open API, pricing model and social management dashboard, Connect. With these updates, HelpSocial is challenging the status quo of purchasing and consuming social media platforms. By standardizing the technology around social media and messaging apps, and offering usage-based pricing, HelpSocial is the most scalable social customer care solution for the enterprise, both financially and technically.

“Customer Service happens from everywhere across a business and response times matter. The faster, the better. The new version of our Open API is modularly built, giving organizations the ability to select features and integrate them into the service platforms they use today. This allows for social media to be used on any team, in any department in any company,” said Matt Wilbanks, HelpSocial Co-founder and CEO. “Additionally, our utility-based pricing model ensures fair and flexible pricing that provides companies a cost-effective way to fully scale social media across contact centers full of agents, so they can consistently deliver a near instant response to social comments.”


HelpSocial has adopted a more cost-effective way for businesses to provide social customer service. Under its new pricing model, customers will pay for API usage based on how active they are. The per seat pricing structure of enterprise social media systems are expensive, and compounds the cost of scaling social and messaging outside of a small, specialized social media team. HelpSocial’s new pricing model reduces the software cost of a full-time, dedicated social media agent from hundreds of dollars per month to only a handful of dollars, based on usage. This ensures everyone from startups to global enterprises have affordable options to scale in response to rapidly growing volumes of social media comments.

Open API

HelpSocial is the only social customer care platform built on an Open API. The platform standardizes the technology around social media and messaging apps, featuring endpoints which can easily and quickly be integrated into existing customer service systems. The newly released 2.0 version of the Open API improves performance and scalability. For highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare, the new updates include advances in security allowing them to take advantage of the power of social media and messaging while remaining compliant with their respective security standards.

HelpSocial Connect Dashboard

HelpSocial’s social management dashboard, Connect, which acts as a stand-alone command center and social CRM, is often referred to as a visual menu of the Open API capabilities. Built specifically for enterprise social customer care, it can be integrated into systems across marketing, product, sales and service, among others.

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“At HelpSocial, we understand that being helpful to customers translates directly toward business success. By delivering powerful service functions through a cost-effective model that scales, we are affording everyone, in any department, the chance to be responsive, knowledgeable and helpful through social media and messaging channels.”

Product updates for Connect will go into general availability in April and the 2.0 version of the Open API is available now.

About HelpSocial

HelpSocial, the #1 integration platform for combining social media and messaging apps with customer care, equips large consumer brands with an easy-to-use Open API platform that turns social and messaging into a customer service channel. Through an Open API, enterprises can bring social capabilities into their existing service systems. Starting in 2011 as an internal project at Rackspace Hosting, HelpSocial officially spun out with initial seed funding from Mark Cuban in 2014. HelpSocial, a proud graduate of start-up accelerator program Techstars, is now venture backed by several firms funding the technology sector and has gained traction by doing business with some of the world’s leading contact center software companies. For more information, visit


Rachel Romoff, 210-241-8284

Release Summary

HelpSocial, the #1 integration platform for combining social media and messaging apps with customer care, has announced major updates to its Open API, pricing model and Connect dashboard.


Rachel Romoff, 210-241-8284