IDentrix Rebrands As Endera To Reflect Analytics-Based Approach To Insider Threat Risk For Businesses

Endera’s identity-based risk mitigation platform provides continuous risk alerts and intelligence on personnel behavior that could introduce security, safety and compliance risks to the business

BETHESDA, Md.--()--IDentrix, LLC, a leading provider of identity-based risk alerts solutions, announced today that it will change its name to Endera, effective immediately. The new name highlights the company’s focus on identifying the leading causes of fraud and insider threats throughout the entire employment lifecycle. Endera addresses a significant gap that exists in the market today when it comes to helping businesses manage their insider threat risks.

1 in 1,000 employees are arrested every single month, but only 1 in 4 CXOs believe they would know if an employee had a recent criminal incident. At the same time, insider threat management cyber security tools today focus only on data and device level behavior, data loss prevention or identity and access management – failing to account for external employee pressure, opportunity and rationalization that could serve as a leading indicator of insider risk within their workforce.

“Executives across all industries – from highly regulated businesses in financial and government to on-demand workforces in transportation and home health care – are facing a complex security and threat climate that demands a faster, targeted and more respectful of privacy kind of solution,” said Raj Ananthanpillai, chief executive officer, Endera. “With our rebranding and analytics-based approach, Endera closes the gap between what executives want to know about insider threats, what they actually know, and why it matters to their business.”

According to Gartner “80% of these insiders (threats) can be caught using rules and monitoring employees’ behaviors and the pressures they face in their personal lives.” Insider risk almost always starts with external stressors and activity indicators. Endera uses sophisticated analytics to continuously assess risk factors from more than 3,000 data sources, delivering organizational intelligence that recognizes new or changing patterns in workforce, criminal, civil, financial, domestic and other activities. As a result, business decision makers know the instant an employee or contractor becomes a threat to customers or the company, and thus have sufficient lead time to turn these signals into positive action.

Additional benefits of the Endera platform include:

  • Insider threat intelligence beyond the point of hire – More than 95% of employers use pre-hire background screenings, but only a fraction use them post hire. Endera’s continuous monitoring platform extends threat mitigation across the entire employment lifecycle.
  • Enhanced employee privacy and monitoring efficiency – Periodic post-hire background screenings are expensive, burdensome, and ineffective invasions of employee privacy. Endera’s platform users only see alerts pertinent to an employee’s job, everything else remains private.
  • Intuitive, cloud-based platform – Endera’s patented, easy-to-use platform is available as an identity-based, monthly service – with no software installation required.
  • Proven and secure – Endera’s secure platform was originally developed to help the FBI screen flight school applicants after 9/11, and has proven to help national security agencies combat terrorism, fraud and insider threats for more than 15 years.

For additional information on the Endera platform – and the story behind the new Endera name – visit

About Endera

Endera is the leader in providing continuous risk alerts to mitigate Insider Threats. Endera continuously monitors and aggregates thousands of external public data sources and provides relevant risk alerts. Insider risk starts from the outside and works its way into the organization. Endera alerts on the pressures and the rationalizations that insiders succumb to in the process of harming customers, colleagues and their employer. Our secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform is available as an identity-based, monthly subscription service, accessible from any web browser without any software for IT to install. Originally developed for the federal government to help the FBI screen flight school applicants, Endera helps enterprise security departments detect and reduce insider risk and prevent potential workplace fraud, theft and violence in regulated industries such as transportation, healthcare, finance and infrastructure. To learn more visit


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Bluetext PR
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