Age of Individual Media, Simultaneous Recording/Broadcasting of Smartphone Game Screen Using 'Jenaus Caster'

Supports various optional features and high resolution

simultaneous recording/broadcasting of smartphone game screen using 'Jenaus Caster' (Graphic: Business Wire)

SEOUL, South Korea--()--Recently, as the real-time broadcasting platform has been activated, there is an increasing demand for production of game broadcasts among professional BJs as well as the general public.

Up to now, game broadcasting is mainly focused on PC game, and there was difficulty in simulcast. Under such circumstance, 'Jenaus Caster' application has attracted the attention by providing more convenient game broadcasting services.

Jenaus Caster is an app that helps you record your smartphone screen and broadcast it to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and AfreecaTV.

In general, when recording and broadcasting functions are used simultaneously, a break phenomenon (lag) occurs, but the Jenaus Caster minimizes the lag phenomenon and reduces the user inconvenience.

Even if the broadcast is interrupted due to a network error, the recording continues, and the recorded video can be saved as a file and shared with the SNS.

Therefore, it can be used to record and broadcast smartphone games. Especially, recording as well as Twitch and YouTube broadcasting is its advantage. However, simulcast is not available in Facebook for policy reason.

It also supports various resolutions such as SD, HD, FHD and QHD, and it can record and broadcast mobile game screen in high quality by using FHD and QHD resolution.

The operation is also very straight and simple, so even beginners can use it easily.

Besides, it offers a recording (broadcast) termination options that can be used according to situations such as 'turn off the screen and terminate the broadcast' or 'shake to terminate the broadcast' and more options will be developed in the future.

Jenaus Caster can be downloaded through Google Play. ( )


SeungRyeul Oh, +82 70-4369-5309

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Age of individual media, simultaneous recording/broadcasting of smartphone game screen using 'Jenaus Caster'


SeungRyeul Oh, +82 70-4369-5309