Director/PDMR Shareholding


St. James’s Place plc (“SJP”)

Notifications of transactions by a Person Discharging Managerial Responsibility

SJP was notified on 16 March 2017 that Graham Coxell, an SJP PDMR, sold 36,819 shares in the Company.

Following the sale of the shares Graham Coxell’s shareholding in the Company is 300,956 shares.

The SJP Partners’ Performance Share Plan, May 2015 (“the Plan”)

The Plan, which was approved by Shareholders on 14 May 2015, provides for the grant to selected members of the St. James’s Place Partnership of options to subscribe for new shares in the Company.

SJP has today granted options to subscribe for shares at exercise equal to the market value of a share in the Company at the time of award to Persons Closely Associated with SJP PDMRs, Andrew Croft and Peter Edwards.

Lynn Anderson Limited (which is owned by Lynn Anderson, a Person Closely Associated with Andrew Croft) has received a grant of 2,500 shares and Janine Edwards Wealth Management Limited (which is owned by Janine Edwards a Person Closely Associated with Peter Edwards) has received a grant of 7,500 shares. The price payable upon exercise of the options is £10.83 and the options will vest on 17 March 2020 in or insofar as the performance targets set are satisfied, subject to the rules of the Plan.

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