Company Profile for OneSqin C.I.C.

--()--OneSqin CIC is the world’s first health and beauty brand to donate 100 percent of profits to get girls in need into life-changing education.

From the outset, all profits from OneSqin’s premium personal care products and cosmetics (organic cotton tampons and botanical moisturising cream) go to charities that provide education for girls in poverty. So simply by using everyday items, conscious consumers can fight inequality.

The project channels collective purchasing power towards positive social change - on the premise that, given the opportunity to make a difference, pro-social users will happily switch to a better product at no extra cost.

Products are ethically manufactured using natural ingredients - making it easy to choose change.

As it grows, OneSqin will help more and more girls to escape a cycle of poverty and allow them to flourish – investing in a change that goes beyond the individual to their wider community.

OneSqin is a Community Interest Company registered in the UK. It is a certified member of Social Enterprise UK and is supported by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and the RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).

OneSqin certified organic cotton tampons are sold online, by subscription and on demand in the UK and the USA. 100% natural, all-purpose skin cream is sold online worldwide.

Support for pupils at the SEGA Girls School in Tanzania has already begun, through the charity Nurturing Minds.

OneSqin now needs your help to grow. Many small actions have a huge impact: please sign up at, and help create the #OneSqinEffect.


  OneSqin C.I.C.

Headquarters Address:

3rd floor
207 Regent Street
London W1B 3HH
United Kingdom

Main Telephone:

+44 203 637 647 1



Type of Organization:





Key Executives:

Co-founder: Neil Richmond

Co-founder: Sinisa Jovic


Public Relations


Neil Richmond


+44 203 637 647 1


Release Summary

Meet the world’s first health & beauty brand giving 100% of profit to empower girls in need through education. Sales of OneSqin’s natural skincare and tampons support girls to stay in school & thrive.