CXR Unveils the CopperWay-Bis-GE, a Ruggedized EFM Copper and Optical Ethernet Extender for Transportation and Utility Networks

PARIS--()--CXR, a leading manufacturer of Networking equipment and the first company to deliver a complete range of Ethernet First Mile SHDSL products dedicated to mission critical networks, is very excited to announce the introduction of the CopperWay-Bis-GE, a ruggedized SHDSL Ethernet Extender that provides up to 120 Mbps of symmetrical Ethernet bandwidth over 4 copper pairs and 4 modular Fast and Gigabit optical ports to build mixed copper and fiber networks.

CopperWay-Bis-GE enables very high speed broadband communications for Internet, WIFI access, voice, video and other data services over existing copper cables with high bandwidth and low latency performances. CopperWay-Bis-GE is especially aimed at delivering Ethernet and IP communications to Intelligent Transport Systems, Smart Cities, Defense, Service Providers and Utility infrastructures. It serves existing applications with four serial RS232/RS485 ports with a flexible async to IP converter for point to point and point to multipoint protocols.

CopperWay-Bis-GE delivers four Ethernet ports with PoE+ to feed IP cameras, Wi-Fi Access Points and other Ethernet devices.

CopperWay-Bis-GE brings several innovative and valuable functions that raise it above other products:

  • 60Mbps bandwidth over existing copper pairs: CopperWay-Bis-GE enables daisy-chain networks with long reach Ethernet over bonded copper pairs with 30 Mbps bandwidth in both directions with unequaled speed-distance performances.
  • Extensive network connectivity: CopperWay-Bis-GE has 6x network interfaces, 2x SHDSL.Bis and 4x optical SFP ports to enable any network topology
  • All required connectivity at local stations: CopperWay delivers 4 Ethernet ports with POE+, 4 serial RS232/RS485 ports with legacy async protocol emulation, 4 Digital inputs and a relay output for all local system connection.
  • Security and Resiliency: CopperWay-Bis-GE brings consistent security features, Ring resiliency protocols and unique hardware link protection circuit.
  • Extensive management services: CopperWay-Bis-GE supports not only all network management protocols – SNMP v3, HTTPS, SSH with many security features, but also automated software and configuration upgrade and backup through a USB memory stick for easier on-site maintenance.

CopperWay-Bis-GE is now available. Please feel free to get in contact with CXR and its partners for trial, price and delivery.

About CXR: CXR is a network equipment vendor dedicated to mission critical communications in Carrier, Utility, Transportation, Defense and Community markets.

CXR, Smart Solutions for Smart Networks


CXR Anderson Jacobson
Didier ANA, +33-237 628 790

Release Summary

CXR unveils the CopperWay-Bis-GE, a ruggedized Ethernet Firt Mile copper and Optical extender for the Intelligent Transport Systems,Smart Cities, Defense, Service Providers and Utility Networks.


CXR Anderson Jacobson
Didier ANA, +33-237 628 790