St. Patrick’s Day Survey Reveals Holiday Sentiment & Possible Origin of Green Beer

IRVINE, Calif.--()--MFour Mobile Research, the leader in mobile market research, surveyed 1,200 respondents from the nation’s only all-mobile panel about their perspectives on St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s what they told us:

  • 28.2% of respondents identified as Irish American. The U.S. Census Bureau puts the figure at 10.2%. It just goes to show how cool it is to be Irish on March 17.
  • 94% of the Irish respondents said they’ll celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, while 71% of those who didn’t identify as Irish are ready to party along. In all, 78% of our respondents said they’ll celebrate.
  • 82% of all respondents (and 95% of Irish Americans) said they’ll honor the tradition of wearing green, Ireland’s national hue.
  • As for the tradition of pinching people who don’t wear green, it’s still alive in this era of concerns about committing micro-aggressions. 54% of respondents said they’re ready to inflict festive pain by pinching.
  • However, there’s some risk involved: 8.3% of respondents said that if they’re pinched they’ll retaliate with a punch to the face. Men and women reported being almost equally ready use their fists, so watch out. 13% said they’d object verbally.

We also explored respondents’ awareness of St. Patrick’s accomplishments, asking them to choose from listed items, not all of them true.

  • 42.3% correctly picked St. Patrick as Ireland’s patron saint.
  • 25.3% agreed that he spread Christianity to Ireland – also correct.
  • 23.8% think he liberated Ireland from the British (not true).
  • 18.8% believed he rid Ireland of snakes – not a fact, but certainly a widely-believed legend.
  • 11.8% concurred with the statement that St. Patrick invented green beer – not exactly true, but without him, there never would have been a reason to invent it.

More mobile insights from the St. Patrick’s Day survey appear on the MFour blog.

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MFour Mobile Research
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Release Summary

MFour Mobile Research, the leader in mobile market research, surveyed 1,200 respondents to learn about consumer thoughts on the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, including the origin of green beer.


MFour Mobile Research
Allison Fletcher, (714) 754.1234