Percipient Networks Announces the Release of Strongarm Insights Providing Simplified Visibility Into All Outbound Network Activity

New Feature Enables SMB Executives and IT Managers to Gain Deep Visibility Into Network Trends to Identify Potential Security Risks

WAKEFIELD, Mass.--()--Percipient Networks, a provider of cloud-based, simple, automated, affordable, anti-malware solutions for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), today announced the release of a new feature for its flagship solution called Strongarm Insights. The recently unveiled feature gives SMBs comprehensive visibility into where devices on their network are connecting, providing advanced warning against security risks and inappropriate web activity.

Many SMBs begin their operations with a small number of information technology (IT) solutions and no dedicated IT staff. As their businesses grow, many struggle to keep up with the expanded complexity caused by the introduction of new technologies. Compounded by the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and employees using personal services for file sharing and collaboration, business owners and IT managers struggle to achieve visibility into exactly the services their employees are using.

Insights provides a simple, graphical summary of the data, providing busy IT staff with a tool to spot suspicious activity. Insights saves IT teams valuable time by automatically correlating data and visualizing the results, eliminating the need to manually comb through logs and alerts.

“Our goal with Strongarm Insights is to provide IT managers and executives at small and midsize businesses with visibility into activity and overall trends taking place within the network to ensure that their business is protected from both cybercriminals and copyright issues,” said Todd O’Boyle, chief technology officer and co-founder of Percipient Networks. “This new feature empowers users to resolve potential security issues before they negatively impact the business.”

To take advantage of Insights, Strongarm users simply log into their Strongarm account and visit the Insights tab. Administrators can then view reports showing the most requested domains, group these requests by categories and see requests graphed over time of day. This info can help identify trends like:

  • What types of applications and services your users are using (safe or not)
  • Whether IoT devices are vulnerable to hijacking
  • When requests are being made after work hours when the network should be quiet
  • How your network traffic compares to other businesses your size
  • How the activity changes week by week

Percipient Networks’ support team is available to analyze and discuss network trends spotted within Insights with customers. Additionally, SMB customers will receive regular newsletters analyzing common data and trends found across SMB organizations to promote best practices and provide actionable steps to better protect against today’s advanced adversary.

One Strongarm Insights beta user reported uncovering thousands of unknown connections between their networks and peer-to-peer networking or Tor sites. Another user discovered a chatty internet TV that was phoning home to Asia constantly. The new feature enabled them to spot the unexpected behavior and shut it down before it created a security incident.

“Insights alerted me to traffic on the network that were invisible to my existing reporting tools,” said Jeff Rose, president of PC Tech. “Strongarm continues to add functionality that makes it simple and efficient to manage, maintain and secure my SMB customers’ networks.”

Strongarm Insights is available now to Strongarm customers. If you are not yet a Strongarm customer, you can sign up for a free trial account at:

About Percipient Networks
Percipient Networks’ flagship cloud-deployed intelligent malware solution Strongarm is designed specifically for underserved small and medium-sized businesses. Having originated in a government research lab, Strongarm’s agentless inside-out approach to security automatically and immediately detects, stops and remediates malware with all of the sophistication of an enterprise product but without the high cost and complexity that typically accompanies these types of solutions. To learn more about Percipient Networks, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


fama PR for Percipient Networks
Lindsay Sollima, 617-986-5026


fama PR for Percipient Networks
Lindsay Sollima, 617-986-5026