Additional Listing


St. James’s Place plc (the “Company”)

Application has been made to the UK Listing Authority and the London Stock Exchange for block listings totalling 1,178,520 ordinary shares of 15 pence each, to trade on the London Stock Exchange and to be admitted to the Official List. The shares rank equally with the existing shares of the Company.

This block listing is in respect shares to be issued under the following schemes:

St. James’s Place 2005 Performance Share Plan (720,342)

St. James’s Place 2014 Performance Share Plan (45,083)

St. James’s Place Company Share Option Plan 2010 (202,604)

St. James’s Place Sharesave Option Plan 2010 (210,491)

It is expected that admission will commence on 09 March 2017.


Ann McGookin

Governance Secretary

St. James’s Place plc

Tel. 01285 717318

8 March 2017

Short Name: St. James's Place
Category Code: ALS
Sequence Number: 579174
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20170308T112407+0000


St. James's Place


St. James's Place