Spacer Acquires Pioneers of Space Sharing Roost, to Take on $27 Billion U.S. Self Storage and Real Estate Market

• Monetizing space, the new tradable commodity in the sharing economy

Spacer launches into the U.S. by acquiring Roost (Photo: Business Wire)

SYDNEY--()--Spacer, Australia’s AirBnB of space, today announced its acquisition of Roost, the pioneers of peer-to-peer space sharing in the United States, and the rebrand of the company to become The acquisition is part of Spacer’s growth strategy to take on the $27 billion U.S. self storage market, and disrupt commercial real estate across America.

Founded by ex-DealsDirect CEO Michael Rosenbaum and former private equity professional Roland Tam, Spacer’s business model taps into under-utilised assets in the community where both business and consumers can make an extra income through space sharing.

“Space is the new tradable commodity in the sharing economy which is not surprising given the high density living in the U.S. The beauty of our model is that everybody from property managers, commercial landlords to your everyday American has space that can be used to create extra income. Through Spacer, we seek to better utilise unused space like garages, attics, driveways and spare rooms that exist in the community whilst providing space renters with more affordable and convenient storage in their neighbourhood,” says Mike Rosenbaum, co-founder and CEO of Spacer.

To expand into the U.S., Spacer has acquired Roost, which has built a solid foundation for peer-to-peer space sharing in the West Coast of America. The acquisition includes all intellectual property including database, tech platform, customers and to keep consistency globally, the rebrand of the name to Spacer.

Jonathan Gillon, co founder and CEO of Roost says, "This acquisition is a great acknowledgment of the success we have achieved and the huge growth potential of space sharing in the U.S. We are happy to pass the baton to Spacer, and have the utmost confidence in their ability to build on the foundation established by Roost.”

The acquisition also includes partnerships with several of America’s leading car rental services including Zip Car, Enterprise and Maven Drive, to offer car parking spaces through peer-to-peer sharing across the West Coast of America.

“Our immediate plan is to grow the customer base in cities in which we have an existing presence, being San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC. These cities have been carefully selected for its geographic, demographic and cultural suitability to our business model. It is also where our key business customers have demand to begin with,” continues Mike Rosenbaum, CEO and Co founder of Spacer.

The U.S. head office will be in Silicon Valley, where Spacer’s tech platform is housed, and the company will keep on U.S. staff to ensure a seamless transition and handover.

“Our success will be measured by great customer service and simple and efficient user experience which creates certainty and value for users of our marketplace,” finishes Roland Tam, Co-founder of Spacer.

The self storage industry in the United States, has generated $27.2 Billion in annual U.S. revenues. The industry has been the fastest growing segment of the commercial real estate industry over the last 40 years and has been considered by Wall Street analysts to be recession resistant based on its performance since the economic recession of September, 2008.

Monthly earning potential through Spacer:

  • Garage $300-$400
  • Driveway $250-$350
  • Storage Room/Attic $150-$250
  • Spare room $200-$300


The PR Group for Spacer
Lisa Wlodyka, +61-422-032-393


The PR Group for Spacer
Lisa Wlodyka, +61-422-032-393