Experts Discuss the Possibility of a More Severe ZIKV Outbreak This Summer

Emergency Preparedness Leaders, National and Local Vector Control Officials, Healthcare Providers, Public and Private Sector Partners and Zika Virus Experts will once again gather to learn findings and solutions about the Zika virus from each other. This is all geared towards the improvement of their preparedness and response efforts in the event of a Zika virus outbreak.

WASHINGTON--()--The 2nd International Zika Virus Conference and Workshop once again provides experts, leaders from all government levels (tribal, local, state, federal), and other health officials a venue where they could share the best practices and the latest researches about the Zika virus to delegates coming from different parts of the world. Priority will be placed on identifying the responsibilities of stakeholders in order to improve global communication coordination and collaboration. The ZIKV conference will be held at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Hotel on March 29-30 followed by an all-day hands-on workshop on the 31st.

The 2nd iZIKVc will focus on the latest preventions, preparedness, responses and recovery measures being developed to address the transmission of Zika virus. The speakers and exhibitors are selected to present the widest possible range of perspectives—not only human but also physical, environmental, and social-cultural.

Speakers of the event include:


  Zachary S. Thompson

Dr. Oscar Alleyne

Dr. Lorrin Pang

Dr. William N. May

Phillip Goodman

Phil Maytubby

Vincent Cantu

Melba Moore

Each day, the conference will offer papers on a wide range of topics including:


  Preparing Community Strategies

Local Partnership and Participation

Emergency Response and Hospital/Healthcare Coordination

Prevention Education Efforts and Risk Communication

Panel discussions include:


  Mosquito Vector Surveillance and Control

Health Department Response

Zika Prevention, Community Engagement and Cultural Equity

Community Strategies/Partnership

Establishment and Implementation of a Scalable Vector-Borne Disease Response Plan at the Local Level

Mosquito Response/State Level

Defending Susceptible Communities from Spread of Arboviruses

Mitigating Public Health Vulnerabilities


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The 2-day event is open to all government agencies, organizations, and businesses from all countries.

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Sara Gonzalez

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Experts Discuss the Possibility of a More Severe ZIKV Outbreak This Summer at the 2nd International Zika Virus Conference and Workshop.



Sara Gonzalez