Warehouse TERRADA Opens the Architecture Model Workshop

Taking orders for creation and restoration of architectural models, and selling original merchandise

Architecture Model Workshop (Photo: Business Wire)

TOKYO--()--Warehouse TERRADA (Shinagawa, Tokyo; CEO Yoshihisa Nakano) is pleased to announce that on Wednesday, February 1st, 2017, we opened the Architecture Model Workshop inside our Main Storage Center in Tennoz, as a part of our art-related business.

The Architecture Model Workshop is a facility specifically designed for architectural modeling and is run by ATELIER HASEGAWA TAKUMI Inc. In addition to taking orders for the creation and restoration of architectural models, it also sells original merchandise, including miniature silhouettes of people used with architectural models. Other services include special-order silhouette plates, created from photos of customers taken on-site in the Workshop and completed the same day.

The Workshop features displays including architectural dioramas of Tennoz and photographic records and autographs of famous architects, which should prove entertaining and informative to visitors. An adjoining workspace is also available for visitors to actually create architectural models and for restoration work as a trial lesson on an hourly basis. There are also plans to host a variety of events and workshops related to the field of architectural modeling.

Based in Tennoz, Warehouse TERRADA takes full advantage of our expertise in the use of space as we pursue technical improvements in storage and restoration. Those efforts have gained us a strong reputation both in Japan and abroad in the field of storage technology for highly specialized products, including artwork, wine and media.

In recent years, Warehouse TERRADA has focused particularly on a wide-ranging, proactive effort to expand our art-related business, based on the TERRADA ART VILLAGE concept under which we hopes to make Tennoz a focal point for bringing together, showcasing and disseminating art. The Architecture Model Workshop is part of that effort, and is intended to provide, through architectural models, a greater familiarity with the relationship between people and architecture.

TERRADA ART VILLAGE is an initiative by Warehouse TERRADA aimed at making Tennoz a focal point for bringing together, showcasing and disseminating art. It incorporates the individual components listed below.

  • Artwork Storage: A warehouse fully equipped to store artworks under optimal conditions, including a bonded warehouse, a fumigation facility, and a “seasoning” room to allow for acclimation of artworks.
  • T-Art Gallery: A multipurpose space within the warehouse that can be used to display artworks and others.
  • Asian Art Award supported by Warehouse TERRADA: This art award focuses not only on discovering emerging artists, but on providing continued support for their creative endeavors.
  • TAC ART STUDIO: A rental studio space for artists.
  • PIGMENT: A traditional art supply lab offering highly rare materials as well as materials for use in restoration of past artworks.
  • ARCHI-DEPOT Museum: A museum based on the unique concept of combining exhibition and storage of architectural models. It also offers architectural models for rental to other countries and hosts architectural conventions with numerous famous architects.
  • BUCKLE KOBO: This renovated former ironworks in Keihinjima, in Tokyo’s Ota Ward, offers an open-access creative studio.
  • Helutrans-Terrada: A full art supporting partnership that offers one-stop artwork services, including packing, transport, and display.
  • TERRADA Art Complex: A multi-function arts facility housing galleries, the TAC ART STUDIO and other functions.
  • Yokohama College of Arts & Design: The Warehouse TERRADA Collaborative Course in Artwork Restoration is supported by TERRADA with the goal of educating future professionals in art restoration and preservation.
  • Architecture Model Workshop: A facility specifically designed for creating architectural models and selling related products.

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Address: Warehouse TERRADA Main Storage Center 1F, 2-6-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (closed Sunday, Monday and National Holidays)
Inquiries: contact@ahtakumi.com

[About Warehouse TERRADA]
Company name: Warehouse TERRADA
Main businesses: Preservation, storage and related businesses
Representative: Yoshihisa Nakano, CEO
Address: 2-6-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002
Established: October 1950
URL: http://www.terrada.co.jp/


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