Retail and Manufacturing Companies Use Numetric to Quickly Visualize Sales and Inventory to Predict Future Behaviors

"The incredible speed of processing and visualization is saving us a lot of work. Numetric will help our stores potentially measure and analyze things such as WiFi usage and regional weather data." –Dave Conger, Director of IT, Costa Vida

SALT LAKE CITY--()--As data analytics move from a nice-to-have feature to an essential component of manufacturing and retail businesses, big box retailers, restaurants, petroleum companies and others are adopting the lightning-fast and easy-to-use-business intelligence (BI) tools from third-generation BI provider Numetric. New customers announced today include Shell Oil, Orbit, Costa Vida and Sodalicious.

Getting up-to-the-minute sales data and keeping current on inventory levels are leading retailers and manufacturers of all sizes to adopt business intelligence tools in record numbers. Now, retailers are increasingly switching from traditional analytics tools to Numetric for its speed, ease-of-use, and its ability to integrate with other industry applications. The product’s speed and usability are unmatched by any other business intelligence tool on the market.

Talk to some of the retail and manufacturing customers who have recently adopted Numetric’s data tools throughout their organizations and you’ll hear a common theme—how surprisingly simple it is. Numetric simplifies the most time-consuming aspects of a data manager’s job (data consolidation, cleaning, and organization), and the visualization tools are easy enough for even the least tech-savvy employee to use.

Costa Vida, one of the fastest growing restaurants in the nation, is using Numetric to aggregate and visualize data about its stores around the country.

“We have valuable datasets about our restaurants and customers, including data from our customer satisfaction surveys, that are essential to our management team, but they’re housed in many different, disparate sources,” said Dave Conger, Director of IT at Costa Vida. “With Numetric, we can easily combine those data sources, quickly analyze other datasets on top of them, and then visualize them for forecasting. The incredible speed of that processing and visualization is saving us a lot of work that before we had to do manually. In addition, Numetric will help us potentially measure and analyze things such as WiFi usage and building control systems in each of our stores, and regional weather data.”

Another example is Orbit, a leading producer of home improvement products with operations in 40 countries. Orbit uses Numetric to organize and explore large amounts of daily sales data and predictive weather information to protect areas of greatest opportunity.

“In a competitive industry like ours in which inventory levels and sales patterns are so critical, knowing proactively where to focus efforts gives us a great competitive advantage,” said Jake Hall, Director of Integrated Business Planning, Orbit. He provides the example of a large retailer who did a local promotion on garden hoses at its Alabama stores right during the time of a major flood in the area. Needless to say, the hoses didn’t sell. “Numetric will help our retailers compare store inventories and sales patterns against weather forecasts so that store promotions like that one only happen in the right place at the right time.”

Since its first introduction in the marketplace in 2014, Numetric has built its products so they can easily be plugged in to other popular systems since as, inventory management systems, and other common retail and inventory applications. This speeds up adoption and helps organizations obtain value from Numetric very quickly.

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Numetric is a privately-held software company that provides lightning-fast and easy-to-use business intelligence tools. Numetric is the first third-gen business intelligence platform, built to take full advantage of cloud technology, to support organizations in achieving optimum efficiency and revenue growth. Taken to its highest fruition, Numetric hopes to change the landscape for advanced data management that is interchangeable among vendors and accessible to organizations of all sizes, throughout the world. For more information, visit


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Release Summary

New customers of Numetric announced today include Shell Oil, Orbit, and Costa Vida.


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