Trina Health of Missouri Opens State’s First Artificial Pancreas Treatment Clinic

Revolutionary Treatment Can Slow, Halt, and/or Reverse Chronic Complications in Types 1 and 2 Diabetes

Trina Health of Missouri now offers St. Louis-area diabetes sufferers the proven, FDA-approved Artificial Pancreas Treatment® to slow, stop and/or even reverse diabetes at their new Chesterfield clinic. (Photo: Business Wire)

CHESTERFIELD, Mo.--()--Animo Health, Inc., d/b/a Trina Health of Missouri, today opened its inaugural Trina Health Artificial Pancreas Treatment® (APT) Clinic at 1585 Woodlake Dr., Suite 104, Chesterfield, Mo. It is the first of many clinics that Animo Health plans to open throughout the state that feature the Trina Health APT - the only patented, FDA approved, and clinically proven treatment that can slow, halt, and/or reverse, in most cases, the chronic complications in Type I and II diabetes.

“Diabetes causes more annual deaths than breast cancer and AIDS combined,” stated Mark Pound, CEO and president of Trina Health of Missouri. “For many years one of the main focuses on diabetes has been controlling blood sugar, which is a symptom of the underlying problem of improper carbohydrate metabolism. The Artificial Pancreas Treatment treats the problem, not the symptom.”

Trina Health of Missouri’s clinically licensed staff -- comprised of an MD, NP, and LPN --provides individualized treatments specifically designed and monitored to each patient’s level of diabetic complications.

Each session consists of three one-hour treatments coupled with metabolic evaluations for a total combined time of 3.5 to 4 hours. New patients are treated weekly until complications improve at which time their treatment frequency can decrease to once every two to three weeks. Treatments are covered by most primary insurance plans including Medicare and the Veterans Administration (VA).

The eight-chair, 1,674 sq. ft. facility treats two rotations (16 patients) per day. To make an appointment or receive more information, call (314) 628-1607 or visit

To celebrate the grand opening, Trina Health of Missouri will host an Open House tonight from 5:00 to 8:00pm at 1585 Woodlake Drive, Ste. 104, Chesterfield, MO 63017.

The Core Problem

In non-diabetics, the pancreas secretes bursts of insulin every four to six minutes at a specific pressure to signal the liver to produce enzymes necessary for proper carbohydrate metabolism. Diabetes occurs when this metabolic communication breaks down and the liver no longer receives its signals to function properly. This results in oxidative stress and inflammation leading to diabetic complications such as neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy, cardiovascular disease, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and death.

Artificial Pancreas Treatment (APT)

APT is the only process that promotes normalization of carbohydrate metabolism in diabetic patients to slow, halt, and/or reverse the chronic complications in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Patient comfort is optimized as they’re able to walk and/or sit while wearing the patented, FDA-approved Bionica Microdose Pump. About the size of a large smart phone, this mobile device uses IV infusion to mimic the insulin pulses of a healthy pancreas. This in turn stimulates the liver to produce the enzymes necessary for carbohydrate metabolism, which lowers lipid metabolism, resulting in more cellular energy in body tissues. APT also calms inflammatory cytokines, reduces cellular oxygen requirements, helps normalize blood flow and allows cells and organs to heal themselves throughout the body.

However, the Artificial Pancreas Treatment is not a cure.

“Doctors and patients ask if Trina Health APT is so wonderful, how come they’ve never heard of it,” said Chris LaBelle, chief business development officer for Trina Health of Missouri. “It took the inventor, G. Ford Gilbert, JD, PhD, 27 years of development, 16 university clinical trials and over 53 publications to develop the device and establish consistent treatment protocols.”

About Trina Health, LLC, in Partnership with Animo Health, Inc.

With over 200,000 treatments with no adverse reactions and more than 24 domestic and international clinics, the Trina Health Artificial Pancreas Treatment is expanding throughout the United States and abroad. Animo Health, Inc. doing business as Trina Health of Missouri, has obtained exclusive rights to establish clinics throughout Missouri and the Midwest using Trina Health’s Artificial Pancreas Treatment that can slow, halt, and/or reverse in most cases the chronic complications in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.


Daly-Swartz PR for Trina Health of Missouri
Jeffrey Swartz, 949-470-0075

Release Summary

Trina Health of Missouri opened its inaugural clinic in Chesterfield, Mo. with its proven, FDA-approved Artificial Pancreas Treatment to address the chronic complications in Type I and II diabetes


Daly-Swartz PR for Trina Health of Missouri
Jeffrey Swartz, 949-470-0075