BizVibe Announces List of Common Mistakes for Sourcing Textile and Apparel Products Globally

BizVibe's platform aims to provide solutions for common global sourcing problems. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LONDON--()--Sourcing globally has many advantages such as low cost manufacturing, accessing worldwide technologies, utilizing more efficient supply chain systems and much more. However, to enjoy the benefits of global sourcing, companies have to accept there are many risks involved and will have to face the challenges head-on. In order to help eliminate future sourcing problems for businesses, BizVibe has identified the top major mistakes made by textile and apparel companies when sourcing globally. In addition, BizVibe has launched their platform which was specifically designed to help companies from around the world trade seamlessly.

Common Mistakes for Sourcing Textile and Apparel Products Globally

1) Lack of smart sourcing methods

Having a clear sourcing strategy is more than just knowing which country to source from, but also how to find the right or most suitable suppliers according to your requested goods, quantity, budget, and delivery needs. Traditional methods like attending textile trade shows still work, but ignoring modern trends like sourcing through an online B2B marketplace can put your business at a disadvantage as some of your competitors are continually looking for methods to increase efficiency when looking for buyers and suppliers.

BizVibe offers an advanced and quick way to find the exact textile suppliers you are looking for. The BizVibe platform uses cutting edge machine learning tools and multiple sophisticated algorithms to sort through 7+ million businesses, helping you find like-minded trade partners.

2) Not verifying the supplier before placing the order

Trusting a potential supplier always comes with risk, which is why verifying the supplier to fully understand their production capacity, quality standards, and price range is vital before placing the order. Requesting a sample or even visiting your potential or shortlisted oversea suppliers’ factories is not mandatory but very important, as it will give you a clearer insight of the work conditions and the professional and technical abilities of the suppliers. Alternatively, you can search and find verified suppliers on BizVibe’s platform and receive up-to-date information for all companies of interest.

3) Not enough communication with suppliers

Communication is a massive barrier to global sourcing. Even after you’ve found the supplier and placed the order, lack of communication regarding product specifications and requirements could cost you a great deal. Thankfully, BizVibe allows users to easily contact buyers and suppliers using a real-time chat feature where you talk about samples, product specifications and requirements, ongoing productions, delivery turnaround and shipping costs.

View BizVibe’s full list of common mistakes for sourcing textiles and apparel products globally

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Jesse Maida
BizVibe Media & Marketing Executive


Jesse Maida
BizVibe Media & Marketing Executive