RealWear Partners with Barcotec to Extend Global Reach of HMT-1 and Fulfill Pre-Order Demand

Channel Partnership Will Bring the HMT-1, the First Industrial Head-Mounted Android Tablet, to Barcotec Customers in Europe

MILPITAS, Calif.--()--RealWear, makers of the HMT-1, the first industrial head-mounted Android tablet, today announced a channel partnership with Barcotec to extend the company’s global reach and deliver the HMT-1 to targeted industries and professional workers in Central Europe. Barcotec will serve as a value added distributor, adding the highly anticipated HMT-1 to its core auto-id and solutions portfolio and will fulfill, support and provide maintenance for the HMT-1 in targeted European countries. Additionally, Barcotec will co-market with RealWear to introduce the HMT-1 to the specific regions.

“RealWear is dedicated to creating real-world solutions for real-world demands, and the market is demanding a hands-free, rugged solution with the appropriate certifications to support the industry´s professional workforce,” said Andy Lowery, CEO, RealWear. “Barcotec shares our belief that the HMT-1 is the best wearable device on the market for professional workers and is the key to unlocking the billions invested in IoT software. Barcotec’s client base and proven experience in hardware, products and services will play a key role in our continuing growth.”

Barcotec is Central Europe’s preferred digital enabling specialist with a diverse and well-established client structure and a long history in auto-id, enterprise mobility and professional, mobile computing. Its skilled sales force and experienced service staff is expected to support initial pilots followed by thousands of deployed Real Wear HMT-1’s.

“Hands-free use of augmented data is the next, logical, evolutionary step for Barcotec’s customers across countless use-cases,” said Alexander Rainsberger, general manager, Barcotec. “The RealWear HMT-1 is the first real-world product bridging the gap of true mobility and human factors. The pre-production units have proven to be better designed, better engineered and better purpose-built than anything available on the professional wearable market and we look forward to introducing this new innovation to our customers.”

The RealWear HMT-1’s intuitive, completely hands-free interface allows voice control of existing Android tablet and smartphone apps. Intended for remote video collaboration, technical documentation, industrial IoT data visualization, assembly and maintenance instructions, and streamlined inspections, the HMT-1 is a faster, safer and smarter way for workers to get their jobs done in harsh and loud field and manufacturing environments. Initial shipments of the HMT-1 will begin in July 2017.

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About RealWear

RealWear is a Silicon Valley company building the world’s first REAL hands-free and fully rugged head-mounted tablet solution for connected industrial workers. Our team of seasoned executives and human factors experts hails from the ultra-rugged smartphone, smart glasses micro display and industrial augmented reality spaces. Together, we are engineering wearable hardware, software, cloud and AI solutions for enterprises in heavy industry. For more information, visit

About Barcotec

Barcotec, as “your digital enabling specialist“, is the central-European provider of technologies, hardware, services and solutions for auto-id, enterprise mobility and professional terminals, wearables and printers. Established 1989, the company is recognized as a leading supplier representing global market leaders such as DENSO, DATALOGIC, Citizen, etc. In-house, manufacturer-authorized service centers in Vienna and Salzburg ensure fulfillment and assistance to customers across Europe in retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and heavy industries with optimized operations and minimal lead times.


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Noe Sacoco Jr., 408-340-8130