Agility Recovery Launches ReadyComplete Service Package With 3,200+ Office Locations, Testing Services

ReadyComplete reduces cost and increases safety by bundling power, communications, computers, offices and annual testing of the business continuity solution

DENVER--()--Agility Recovery, North America’s premier provider of business continuity and post-disaster recovery solutions, today announced ReadyComplete, a comprehensive disaster recovery bundle of services including Agility’s proven ReadySuite solution for power, communications and computers as well as ReadyOffice for office space. ReadyComplete meets customer demand for simplified access, flexibility and cost savings in disaster recovery solutions.

“Companies are asking for guidance on operational resiliency,” said Hyune Hand, CEO Agility Recovery. “ReadyComplete gives customers everything they need including planning and testing support. ReadyComplete also extends our reach with the addition of more than 3,200 global office locations that are immediately available, giving customers an occupancy-ready office within a short drive of their current location. The solution includes options for regularly testing the capability, either on-site at our facilities or remotely with involvement of our industry-leading experts.”


ReadyComplete includes ReadyOffice, the office recovery component providing immediate access to fully operational Class A office locations globally, including 1,100 in North America. ReadyOffice is ideal for companies that have very short recovery times or are located in dense urban environments. Unlike other guaranteed recovery seat solutions, ReadyOffice doesn’t require significant operational expense, and is powered by the reliable network of Regus Workplace Recovery locations.

“ReadyOffice is a huge step forward for customers who need easy and affordable access to nearby Class A space,” said Paul Sullivan, Vice President Operations Agility Recovery. ”ReadyOffice provides immediate recovery capability for critical staff without negotiating a short term lease or the expense and risk associated with procuring dedicated hot site seats.”


Complementing the ReadyOffice component are Agility Recovery’s other solutions including ReadySuite which provides longer term recovery options in mobile office units and nearby brick and mortar office space. ReadySuite also includes access to temporary power, communications equipment and computer support.


ReadySuite pulls power generators from an inventory ranging up to 2 megawatts in size from distribution yards across North America. Additionally, Agility ensures consistent access to fuel and maintenance of generators deployed to the field.

Communications and computers

ReadySuite maintains thousands of laptop computers, desktop PCs, communications hardware and other office equipment at facilities throughout North America. ReadySuite provides hardware provisioning and optional imaging of computer systems so a duplicate system can be up and running on an employee’s desk in less than 48 hours. The solution also includes integration for access to communications solutions at any location, totally independent of local infrastructure, such as satellite connectivity or having phone calls redirected to employees wherever they are located during a recovery.

Testing services

Disaster recovery testing services are included with ReadyComplete, which simulate actual disaster situations so customers can vet their strategies. Agility provides remote exercises or live drills from testing facilities in Philadelphia, Toronto, Atlanta, Austin, Las Vegas, Sacramento and Newark.

“Every customer benefits from testing,” said Sullivan “We make sure all assumptions are tested and that the company’s plan operates smoothly in an emergency.”

About Agility Recovery

Agility provides robust and easy-to-implement recovery solutions for an affordable monthly membership fee, ensuring access to temporary power generators, communications equipment, office space, computer systems, planning components and testing programs. Since 1989, Agility has rescued thousands of organizations, with a 100% success rate. For more information, visit or call 866-364-9696.


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