IEEE Broadcast Symposium Call for Papers – Abstracts Due May 15, 2017

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PISCATAWAY, N.J.--()--Today, broadcasting represents more than just AM, FM, and TV and the Symposium organizers look forward to receiving abstracts reflecting topics of broad interest to the broadcast community. Submitting an abstract of a timely and relevant technical paper relating to broadcast technology to the BTS Symposium Committee will enter you in a drawing for a free registration for yourself or guest. We are looking for papers on the following topics:


• Digital radio and television systems: terrestrial,


• Transmission, propagation, reception, re-

cable, satellite, internet, wireless

distribution of broadcast signals

• Metadata systems and management

• AM, FM, and TV transmitter and antenna systems

• AES inoperability

• Cable & satellite interconnection with

• Advanced RF modulation technologies

terrestrial broadcasters

• Layered division multiplexing

• Transport stream issues – ancillary services

• Advanced display technologies

• Unlicensed device operation in TV white spaces

• Personalized content

• Next-gen broadcast platforms and standards

• Mobile / dashboard technology

development including: ATSC 3.0, FoBTV, 4K TV

• Hybrid (broadcast/broadband) technology

• Advanced technologies and systems for emerging

• Interactive technology for broadcast

broadcasting applications

• Ratings technology

• Broadcast spectrum issues – re-packing, sharing

• Advanced audio technology and processing

• Secondary service system design; mitigation of

• Mobile DTV systems

interference to primary services

• Cellular broadcast technologies

• Electromagnetic compatibility issues between

• Streaming delivery of broadcast content

collocated services (e.g., broadcast and LTE)

• Non-real time (NRT) broadcast services

• Broadcast studio design & construction including:

• “Second screen” technology and services

IT requirements for broadcast, redundancy &

• Applying IT networks in broadcast facilities


• Cybersecurity, securing broadcast IT networks

• IP networking standards for broadcast applications



Call for Panels: Proposals to organize a panel session on a broadcast technology topic are encouraged. Prospective presenters are invited to submit extended abstracts of up to 500 words by e-mail to Please indicate that the abstract is submitted for the 2017 IEEE Broadcast Symposium, and include the corresponding author’s full name and contact information including: affiliation, address, e- mail, and phone number. Deadline for abstracts is May 15, 2017.

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Press, Event & Sponsorship:
Margaux Toral, 732-981-3455
Society Promotions & Marketing Manager


Press, Event & Sponsorship:
Margaux Toral, 732-981-3455
Society Promotions & Marketing Manager