Former Football Star Johnnie Johnson Kicks Off Nationwide Tour to Support Everyday Families Relocating with Children

Johnson’s tour, covering 250 cities, will promote the Moving Families Initiative® program that aligns certified real estate agents and service providers to safeguard families on the move

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Johnnie Johnson, the former NFL All-Pro defensive back with the Los Angeles Rams and College Football Hall of Fame inductee, will launch a 250-city United States Tour today in Austin, Texas to promote the Moving Families Initiative® and its focus on helping children and their families during moves.

Johnson is CEO of World Class Coaches, which facilitates the Moving Families Initiative program that connects transitioning families with certified real estate agents, service providers, teachers, counselors, coaches and others. The program’s holistic approach enables all professionals to work from the same game plan to eliminate the stress of moving and ensure a smooth transition for parents and children alike.

“Moving can be tough for all family members but especially the kids, who are suddenly uprooted and separated from their best friends, teachers and coaches,” said Johnson, who gained sensitivity to the rigors of moving during his career in the NFL and later as a top-producing real estate agent. “An important objective of ours is to help kids deal with the physical and emotional challenges of changing neighborhoods, schools and friends when they move.”

“Families deal with many different challenges when they move or relocate with young children,” added Garry Dippel, an alliance partner with Moving Families Initiative and head coach with World Class Coaches. “Our focus with the Moving Families Initiative is to assist parents in making the move less traumatic for their entire family, especially for their children, whether they're moving across town or across the country.”

Johnson and his World Class Coaches team members will meet with local chambers of commerce, school districts, parent-teacher associations, community groups, extra-curricular-activity organizations and others throughout America to promote Moving Families Initiative and related services. “We’re taking a grassroots approach,” said Johnson. “Our aim is to build strong relationships with grassroots leaders and organizations who are working to address access to high quality education, children’s extracurricular activities, affordable housing, and economic opportunities for families.”

A native of Texas, Johnson chose to launch the tour in Austin as a tribute to his home state and a salute to the city that’s home to his beloved University of Texas Longhorns. Following Austin, the tour shifts to Dallas, Fort Worth, McAllen, Garland, Arlington, Irving, Corpus Christi, El Paso, and Plano through Feb. 15. It continues in Waco, Houston, Katy, San Antonio and Lubbock through Feb. 23, before moving to Louisiana and Arkansas in March, then California and Arizona in April. Johnson said the tour will extend well into 2018 and will reach every U.S. state.

Moving Families Initiative provides a network of Preferred Real Estate AgentsTM who are certified in the care and handling of families’ needs during transition. To participate, people register at prior to the execution of their home rental, sale or purchase agreement. A preferred Real Estate Agent of their choice will help them meet their moving needs, including connecting with key people, schools, agencies and service providers in the new neighborhoods. Agents provide these services at no cost beyond the normal and customary fees charged by their brokerage for real estate services.

Johnson in late 2016 streamlined this engagement process via an agreement with HSF Affiliates LLC. The latter, through its Home ConnectionsSM real estate services platform, provides consumers with a one-stop access point for the program’s legion of service providers, programs and services. When consumers register on the site, they also gain access to the Moving Families Initiative® Personal Move Planner, an online move-management tool that simplifies the moving process for the entire family.

Preferred Real Estate Agents and service providers will join the United States Tour in their respective markets to help Johnson’s team promote Moving Families Initiative. “Our objective is to continue raising awareness of the challenges families face during moves and educate many of the services and support available through Moving Families Initiative,” Johnson explained. “Annually, more than 10 million children ages 19 and younger move throughout America. Our program goal is to serve 10 million kids and their families within five years.”

About World Class Coaches/Moving Families Initiative

San Jose, CA-based World Class Coaches is an international personal, professional and executive coaching company that practices and teaches basic fundamentals as part of its coaching-delivery process. The company facilities its Moving Families Initiative, which serves, protects and meets the needs of families with kids who must move or relocate. Visit or call (866) 224-8895 for details.


World Class Coaches
Chandra Brown, 434-305-6449

Release Summary

Former NFL All Pro Johnnie Johnson today in Austin launches a 250-city U.S. Tour to promote the Moving Families Initiative® and its focus on helping children and their families during relocation.


World Class Coaches
Chandra Brown, 434-305-6449