Statement Regarding the Superior Court of Alameda County’s Implementation of Odyssey Court Case Management Solution

PLANO, Texas--()--Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: TYL) is providing a statement about California’s Superior Court of Alameda County and its implementation of Tyler’s Odyssey® court case management solution. While Tyler does not make a practice of commenting on client operations, sensational headlines and selected quotes are shaping an inaccurate story and we are compelled to provide clarification.

1. Media reports have made assumptions about Odyssey based solely on the Alameda court project. The Alameda implementation is representative of neither Odyssey implementations nor of the partnerships Tyler typically fosters with its thousands of clients.

  • In California alone, superior courts in 24 counties are live on Odyssey. Contrary to the statement that few California court systems have deployed Odyssey in criminal divisions, 15 California counties are using Odyssey for criminal case management.

Raymond L. Haight III, presiding judge of the San Bernardino Superior Court, notes the Court went live with Odyssey in 2016 with a high volume criminal and traffic court. “We moved from a 20-year-old legacy system, which was not an easy transition,” said Judge Haight. “Tyler and the Court worked through several issues together. They continue to be a strong partner with us as we improve our busy criminal courts with Odyssey and Clerk Edition.”

  • Tyler has also completed many statewide Odyssey implementations. As an example, Tyler is rolling out Odyssey with courts across Indiana, and 60 counties are up and running.

“Tyler has been an outstanding partner, and Odyssey has made our criminal and civil courts much more efficient,” said Judge William Hughes, Hamilton County Superior Court Judge. “With Odyssey, we have eliminated paper and streamlined processes so that, before a defendant leaves my courtroom, an electronic order is created and copies are emailed to those parties that need to be notified. Implementation of a major system like Odyssey is a difficult process, but, with patience, hard work and a knowledgeable and committed partner like Tyler, courts can improve the way our justice system works.”

2. Media reports have concluded that Odyssey is inadequate for Alameda County, without examining the role the Court played in the implementation.

  • The Superior Court of Alameda County transitioned from a 40-year-old system before they were ready. Tyler advised against going live when scheduled because of difficulties the Court faced in defining business processes, a lack of uniform approaches among judges, budget challenges and difficulties with standard client implementation tasks. In fact, Tyler specifically advised the Court that, unless it was more prepared for go-live, data entry would fall behind and problems would result.
  • Tyler addressed specifically the challenges the court would face, including potential impacts to justice partners, if they did not correct their offense codes prior to going live.
  • Tyler strongly advised waiting until after users were accustomed to the new case management system before implementing its Odyssey Clerk Edition, yet the Court proceeded with a simultaneous implementation against our advice.
  • The process issues being experienced by Alameda are complicated by a case backlog caused by the Court’s lack of agreement on procedures, data errors, and a period of manual, duplicate data entry in both the old and new systems – again, contrary to Tyler’s recommendations.
  • It is important to reiterate that the Court has not reported any defect or bug in Odyssey that would result in wrongful detentions. Most of the routine support incidents the Court has logged with Tyler have been resolved in a timely manner to the extent the Court has provided complete information on the incident.

3. Media reports insinuate Tyler has abdicated its responsibilities to the Court and abandoned the project. This is not true.

  • Tyler is ready, willing and able to provide assistance to the Court on any issues related to this implementation. Since September 2016, Tyler has repeatedly indicated its willingness to provide significant no-cost resources to assist the Court with any implementation issues it faces.

Tyler Technologies has been made the easy target in news media coverage, with conclusions being made that the software itself is the cause of problems. This is not the case. Tyler’s Odyssey solution is being used successfully in more than 600 counties across 21 states, covering more than 100 million people and six of the nation’s top 10 counties.

“Tyler prides itself on partnering with our clients to ensure successful implementations, not just at go-live, but into the future,” said Bret Dixon, president of Tyler’s Justice Group. “We have an excellent track record since our first Odyssey go-live in 2003, and we would welcome the opportunity to analyze the issues in Alameda and work together to resolve them.”

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Tyler Technologies issues a statement regarding the Alameda County implementation of its Odyssey court case management solution.




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