New York City Law Department Chooses Logikcull, Punctuating Government-Wide Embrace of Legal Intelligence for Litigation and Open Records Response

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Watch how the City of New York and other organizations use Legal Intelligence to automate data-intensive legal processes and open records response.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Joining a wave of government law departments embracing the legal cloud as the challenges associated with litigation and open records response have grown more acute, New York City has selected as a preferred provider to help it meet the growing demands of e-discovery and freedom of information.

Based in San Francisco, Logikcull, the leader in cloud-based Legal Intelligence, is increasingly the choice of state and local governments whose struggles with aging technology infrastructure, limited budgets, and paper-based workflows have pushed them toward powerfully simple solutions that are affordable, scalable and predictable.

In Logikcull, the city’s legal department finds a versatile, end-to-end platform that defensibly automates data processing associated with complex legal projects, and assists in organizing and reviewing that information so it can be quickly produced in legal cases and other forums.

Amid an unprecedented upturn in hacking and data breach, Logikcull also provides a “closed-loop” hub for information, where all channels into and out of the platform are secured with bank-level encryption and all data is encrypted at rest. This is a stark contrast from norms in the legal industry whose practitioners typically transfer sensitive data via email, physical media or other insecure channels. New York’s move to Logikcull comes as Governor Andrew Cuomo has vowed to make proposals that will better protect New Yorkers against cyber-attacks, in part by locking down areas traditionally vulnerable to intrusion.

“As the volume and complexity of information multiplies by the second, city governments are coming under a tremendous amount of pressure to efficiently -- and securely -- manage data related to litigation and freedom of information laws,” Logikcull CEO Andy Wilson said.

“At a time when the stakes are higher than ever, we are honored to work with the City of New York to help it deliver just, timely and affordable outcomes to its many millions of constituents, and, by bringing more efficiency to its open records response, help it shine more light on the city’s inner workings.”

New York joins other major cities across U.S. flocking to Legal Intelligence

Confronted with the thorny reality of Big Data, public organizations are embracing the cloud in numbers, not just to manage the soaring volume of documents and information relevant to litigation, but to effectively sift through the enormous amounts of material potentially responsive to open records requests. Increasingly, they are turning to Logikcull, the San Francisco-based software company that is transforming the way governments, corporations and law firms are processing, searching, sharing and protecting data related to litigation and investigations. New York joins a broadening network of Logikcull customers in the public sector, including the Cities of Chicago, Boston, Baltimore and Portland.

"As city and state governments increasingly feel the weight of budget uncertainty, and are tightening their belts, Logikcull offers a predictable model that allows organizations to lock in their costs to the penny,” said Todd Eastman, Logikcull VP of Business Development. “Additionally, Logikcull customers typically see a cost reduction of more than 75 percent compared to traditional vendors, which will be a boon to the city’s taxpayers and stakeholders.”

The City of New York, with more than 800 lawyers and 700 support staff, has by a significant margin the largest municipal legal department in the U.S. The Law Department represents the City, the Mayor, other elected officials, and the City's many agencies in all affirmative and defensive civil litigation as well as juvenile delinquency proceedings brought in Family Court and Administrative Code enforcement proceedings brought in Criminal Court.

To learn more about legal intelligence, visit and watch the explainer video.

About Logikcull

Based in San Francisco, Logikcull is the leading provider of legal intelligence software. It is the only pure cloud-based solution for collaborative searching and sharing of information in litigation, investigations, due diligence, and M&A, and has become known for its powerfully simple platform that can be used by anyone anywhere at any time.


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The City of New York selects Logikcull as its exclusive provider of Legal Intelligence to automate data-intensive litigation processes and open records response.


Robert Hilson, 786-436-3157