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CES 2017, the world’s largest consumer technology event, takes place January 5 - 8, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

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Listed below are CES 2017 exhibitor profiles Digital Trends to Haier.

Company: Digital Trends
Booth: SL-4
Digital Trends is a leading consumer technology publisher helping people navigate an increasingly digital world. With easy-to-understand product reviews, entertaining news and videos, Digital Trends serves more than 30 million unique visitors each month. Digital Trends reaches 90 million tech influencers through their own media network, and its syndicate partners include Yahoo!, FOX News and more than 200 broadcast news stations. Digital Trends is headquartered in Portland, OR with offices in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago. For more information, visit
Company: DisplayPort
Booth: 20612 (LVCC South Hall 1)
The DisplayPort video/audio interface developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) offers the highest video performance and versatility on computers, smart devices and displays. An open standard supported on USB Type-C, Thunderbolt and native interfaces, DisplayPort enables resolutions well beyond 4K as well as high dynamic range (HDR) and high-resolution VR.
The DisplayPort Alt Mode for the USB Type-C connector is the only Alt Mode video transport adopted in the market and used today by most video sources utilizing USB Type-C. It enables the highest display performance available, combined with USB Type-C’s high-speed data transfer and power delivery functions.
Company: Divergent 3D
Booth: 4638
Divergent 3D has created a software-hardware platform enabled by 3D metal printing (the Divergent Manufacturing Platform™) that radically transforms auto manufacturing economics and environmental impact. Divergent’s platform allows car manufacturers to design and develop lightweight, high-performance components that are critical in building the next generation of vehicles. In the future, cars will be manufactured at a fraction of today’s upfront capital cost, with far faster product cycles and far less environmental destruction. Divergent 3D calls its approach Planet-Saving Manufacturing™.
Company: Domotz and Fing
Booth: 50813
Web: /
NoneFast-growing players in the IoT, Domotz + Fing develop disruptive technologies for network scanning, monitoring and security, device identification, and remote service delivery.
• The free Fing app for iOS and Android is the #1 network scanner, boasting over 15 million downloads.
• The recently launched Fingbox Wi-Fi troubleshooting and network security toolkit for homes was successfully funded on Indiegogo by over 5k backers raising over 400k in funds.
• The award winning Domotz PRO network monitoring system enables the delivery of remote support and maintenance services. More than 1000 AV integrators use Domotz PRO to deliver remote support to over 10,000 networks.
Company: EarlySense
Booth: Venetian Palazzo
EarlySense is launching LIVE, the first at-home sleep and wellness tracker powered by medically proven, contact-free, continuous monitoring technology. The patented sensor and advanced algorithms monitor and analyze more than 50,000 data points every night, including heart rate, breathing, sleep and motion parameters to provide a precise picture of overall health. Placed under a mattress, the “invisible” sensor requires no uncomfortable wires or wristbands, and enables accurate monitoring with no change to one’s daily routine. Family members and caregivers can remotely access real-time health vitals and updates via the LIVE+ app. EarlySense was founded in 2004 and has offices in Waltham, MA, and Ramat Gan, Israel.
Company: Elektrobit
Booth: 6106 (LVCC North Hall)
Elektrobit (EB) is a pioneering global supplier of embedded and connected technology solutions and services for the automotive industry. At CES EB will showcase technologies associated with its EB robinos software architecture for autonomous driving.
A leader in automotive software with over 25 years serving the industry, EB‘s software powers more than 70 million vehicles and offers flexible, innovative solutions for autonomous and connected car infrastructure, human machine interface (HMI) technologies, navigation, advanced driver assistance, electronic control units (ECUs), and software engineering services. EB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental.
Company: Eli Electric Vehicles
Booth: 3334 (LVCC North Hall)
Eli Electric Vehicles is reimagining the future of urban mobility. Today Eli announced the company's flagship product, Eli ZERO.
Joy, simplicity, freedom and intimacy are core concepts of the new mobility experience we are providing,” said Marcus Li, founder of Eli. “Eli moves forward by going back to the very essence of transportation— how people engage with the built environment.”
Smaller, simpler and friendlier, Eli ZERO is the ultimate personal mobility device for agile daily movement. Eli ZERO addresses the dynamic transportation demands of modern cities and towns by offering a versatile driving solution for both urban and suburban neighborhoods.
Company: eLutions Integrated Systems, Inc.
Booth: 50015
eLutions is developing a continuous, minimally-invasive, glucose monitor for neonatal bedside point-of-care. Repeated heel pricks, of up to 25% of newborns 24-48 hours after birth, are the standard of care. This is traumatic for babies and parents. Caregivers’ aversions to heel pricks is cited for neglect, and missed interventions have led to lifelong and debilitating muscular motor malfunction, and cerebral palsy.
Continuous monitoring is vital as physiologies of fragile newborns are learning to adapt outside the womb. Continuous care through timely monitoring and delivery of therapy is critical as neonatologists are challenged to keep delicate infants alive and healthy.
Company: EQL Technology Inc.
Booth: 40271
Founded in 2016, EQL is a leading innovator and provider of Smart Home solutions. EQL promises - Enjoy Quality Life. We aspire to bring all-inclusive offerings of leading edge products featured with handy operation, sturdy build, and convincing reliability. We strive to re-define what a smart home appliance can achieve.
Evolving from a giant corporate, EQL is a team with the most experienced R&D in the industry. Our managers and engineers have more than twenty years’ experience working with tier one customers including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Dell, and Lenovo. They have developed different products from smartphone, laptop PC, smart watch, POS, PND, smart home and many other products.
Our contract manufacturer Quanta Computer is one of the world’s largest EMS companies (with USD $30Bn revenue in 2015) with nearly thirty-year experience in making world class products.
Company: Essence
Booth: 40247
Our smart home, security and home care solutions use IoT to enable service providers to enrich their customers’ lives, allowing them to embrace new possibilities by remotely managing their day-to-day activities.
We provide end-to-end connected solutions for security, communication and healthcare, supporting our partners with hardware, mobile apps, cloud and hosting services, go-to-market strategies and planning, and operations and logistics services.
Our 360º connected living technologies are enabled by the Internet of Things - designed to empower our partners’ and customers’ business models, with innovation, high quality and reliability as the core of our products.
Company: ESUN 3D+
Booth: 42541 (Sands Halls A-D)
ESUN 3D Photography (ESUN 3D+) is the developer of the world´s most advanced 3D scanning and printing technology, a testament to the company’s technical strength. ESUN 3D+ is a part of Shenzhen ESUN Display CO., LTD, which is focused on the creation of various types of pioneering 3D design brands.
At CES 2017, the company will debut its newest innovation and showcase its innovative Face Scanner and Desktop Scanners.
ESUN 3D+’s scanners utilize structured lighting and a unique algorithm to ensure less human error and interference, providing unrivaled accuracy, speed, and innovative solutions for the fashion, e-commerce, and education industries.
Company: EZVIZ Inc.
Booth: 41554

EZVIZ, a leading provider of smart home video technology and cloud services, will be launching their newly released indoor and outdoor cameras, which make it possible to see everything that’s important to you—right from the palm of your hand. EZVIZ continues to innovate the industry with unique design, advanced video quality and capabilities to connect you visually to your life though smart home camera solutions.

Company: Fasetto
Booth: 16734
Fasetto is the company behind LINK, the living storage and communications device, underpinned by its own scalable, flexible platform. LINK lets users take their digital worlds with them, anywhere, in a pocket-sized durable package.
LINK features a superfast 2TB SSD and dedicated broadcast Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth and USB-C connections that make digital content accessible universally across devices. Its small, weatherproof design, along with its robust technical specifications, protects content from the most extreme elements at home and in the outdoors.
Company: Fibaro USA, LLC
Booth: 40333
Based in Poland, FIBARO is a leading manufacturer of residential IoT solutions, and manufactures innovative smart home devices that make up the advanced home intelligence platform known as the FIBARO System. Available in 100 countries, FIBARO, opened its U.S. offices in 2014, taking its modern minimalist designs and feature-rich platform to the growing U.S. smart home market. The company's wireless Z-Wave smart home system can be controlled from anywhere in the world via smart phone, laptop and/or tablet. The suite of FIBARO devices and sensors allows users to create easily accessible scenes, manage energy usage, and integrate hundreds of devices.
Company: Fibrum
Booth: 26724
Fibrum develops software and hardware solutions for mobile virtual reality. Since 2014 Fibrum has created 27 VR applications in different genres. In addition, mobile VR headset Fibrum Pro was designed and developed within the company. Since the beginning of 2016 the company has sold more than 25 000 headsets in Russia and abroad; its mobile applications have been downloaded by users from all over the world more than 12 million times.
Fibrum has presented a new flagship game Space Stalker VR that was featured by Gear VR. We are going to present another multiplayer game Battleground VR at CES.
Company: FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 21812 (LVCC South Hall 1)
FiiO was established in 2007 and has experience in researching and developing countless portable music products like portable High-Res music players, headphone amps & DACs and earphones, selling FiiO-branded products through sales agents worldwide.
FiiO focuses on product quality, adhering strictly to ISO9001 standards in quality management and works hard to attain the lowest repair-related product returns rate.
FiiO places great importance on users’ needs and ceaselessly pursues perfection in product design and manufacturing, to provide users with the best audio products at the best prices.
Company: First Alert
Booth: 41330 (Sands Expo)
Press Kit:
Since inventing the first residential smoke alarm more than 50 years ago, First Alert has been at the forefront of advancement in home safety technology. This legacy, combined with the proven performance of First Alert products through the years, has earned First Alert a reputation as the most trusted name in home safety. The new, award-winning Onelink™ portfolio brings First Alert’s expertise to the growing connected home space, providing users with simple and secure home safety products for protecting what matters most: their families and homes.
Company: Fitnescity, Inc
Booth: 50511
FITNESCITY offers wellness coaching that uses insights from the individual’s unique physiology, history and lifestyle data to improve outcomes.
FITNESCITY will unveil its Wellness Management Program of the Future at CES 2017, kicking off a new era in wellness coaching: a data-driven, 360-view approach that uses a wide combination of connected devices and assessments to help individuals reach high performance and prevent disease.
Looking beyond gadgets, FITNESCITY uses insights from the individual’s unique biomarkers to implement lifestyle changes. The company integrates physiological measurements with lifestyle data, medical history and health risks, forming its signature FITNESCITY "Wellness Profile" for each individual. The company then matches the client with a personal coach who helps them implement lifestyle changes in a customized 16-week program.
Company: Focalmax
Booth: 331 (Westgate)
Focalmax is a global intelligent terminal manufacturer and mobile internet service provider, working on a complete “optics + communication + terminal + application” ecosystem based on optics, mobile internet and intelligent terminals. Established in 2015, the company has over USD 30 million in registered capital and its headquarters occupies an area of over 100,000 square meters. It also has a multimedia exhibition hall, an IMAX center and an optical design lab. Focalmax has a broad range of products that include projectors, head up display (HUD), glasses-free 3D smart phones, sports DV, head mounted virtual reality display devices (VR/AR glasses) and intelligent housekeeping robots.
Company: FoldiMate, Inc.
Booth: 51015
FoldiMate - your robotic laundry folding friend. From now on FoldiMate, will fold your laundry quickly, consistently and like a pro. It can even perfume, soften and de-wrinkle while it folds.
FoldiMate is a similar size to a standard dryer and can fold most items apart from underwear, socks and linen.
In June 2016 the FoldiMate video ( went viral and has had over 160 million views. Over 163,000 have registered to receive notification for pre-orders. Thousands have paid a deposit to receive a 10% discount plus be one of the first to own a FoldiMate.
Company: Forca
Booth: 50236

Forca is the world’s first fitness app to provide a full-service platform for the success of fitness trainers and individuals looking to get in better shape. At its core, Forca makes it easier to track food, exercise, and supplements. Key integrations such as SCiO and The Smart Diet Scale make nutrition tracking a breeze. While the Apple Watch integration allows for the ultimate workout tracking experience. When compared to other fitness apps, by far, users will find the Forca App offers the most robust set of features.





Ticker Symbol & Exchange:



Fossil: Since 1984, we’ve been a creative collaborative inspired by all things curious. Fossil Q is a line of fashionable wearables showcasing the design excellence, expert craftsmanship and bit of whimsy that defines Fossil. Fossil unveils its newest Q addition—slim hybrid smartwatches—along with colorful and unique new designs to the existing hybrid smartwatch collection. Fossil is presenting the new products and features at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

Company: Fraunhofer IIS
Booth: 20944
PR Contact: Matthias Rose
When it comes to advanced audio and imaging technologies, Fraunhofer IIS stands alone. From the creation of mp3 to the co-development of the DCI Compliance Test Plan for Digital Cinema, Fraunhofer IIS brings innovations in sound and image to reality. At CES booth 20944, Fraunhofer will showcase the MPEG-H Audio system for immersive sound in TV and VR and highlight its use in the new Korean 4K TV system based on ATSC 3.0. In addition, Fraunhofer will present a demonstration of light field technology and post-production tools to advance virtual production for live-action content, VR and CGI.
Company: Fujian Nanping Nanfu Battery Co., Ltd.
Booth: 42173 (Sands)
Formed in 1954, Nanfu is proud to be the number one battery manufacturer in China (source: Kantar, 2013). Our dedication to excellence has enabled us to reach a new milestone in 2015, with a total revenue of three billion RMB and a 78% market share; 15 times more than our nearest rival (source: AC Neilson China, 2016).
Nanfu manufactures a growing range of products, including alkaline and carbon batteries, rechargeable batteries, button cells, and many accessories. Internationally, Nanfu manufactures the Excell® brand, cooperating with some of the world’s premier battery manufacturers and marketers.
Company: GameSir - Anhui Changgan Network Techno
Booth: 613 (Westgate)
GameSir is the leading worldwide brand of game controllers, with more than 2 million users from over 30 countries.
Born out of a pure desire to create more fun, GameSir was founded in Hong Kong, China in 2013 with the goal of creating the ultimate mobile gaming platform by making mobile games easier, more realistic, and more fun. GameSir conducted its own research and development, manufacturing game controllers with a spirit of innovation and passion. GameSir inspires gamers with the first 4-in-one unique mobile gaming ecosystem, integrating Content, Platform, Software, and Controllers into the mobile gaming industry. For more information, see
GameSir, Just Play!
Company: GeniCan
Booth: 51848
GeniCan is launching its first-of-its-kind product that enables users to create grocery lists easily and automatically by turning any ordinary garbage can or recycling bin into a smart one. GeniCan solves the simple, yet universal problem of forgetfulness as it relates to grocery shopping. Scan an item as it is being thrown away, or use voice recognition technology to add items without a barcode, and GeniCan will automatically add them to the grocery list app. GeniCan has also partnered with Amazon for automatic delivery, allowing users to shop right from their garbage can or recycle bin.


Goodix (Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co.)


Westgate N Tower 5109

Ticker Symbol & Exchange:



Goodix, a premier developer and provider of fingerprint and touchscreen solutions for mobile phones, tablets and wearables, currently holds a diversified portfolio of fingerprint authentication solutions that provides excellent flexibility to suit the varying preferences of consumers and partners such as Live Finger Detection™, Invisible Fingerprint Sensor (IFS™), Glass-covered and Coating button sensors. In addition, Goodix has been actively involved in assisting Alipay and China UnionPay with reviewing industry standards for fingerprint authentication. As an increasing number of top-tier handset manufacturers adopt fingerprint solutions from the company, Goodix will continue expanding its partner network to lead innovation in the biometrics authentication market. On October 17, 2016, Goodix was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange; the stock code is 603160.

Booth: 36723 (LVCC South Hall)
Good Way is a world leading PC peripheral and ODM/OEM services provider. We aim to provide value-added solutions and customized services to customers.
Founded in 1983, Good Way owns the expertise in Thunderbolt / USB-C and Wireless peripherals and is recognized as innovative & capability as well as being a worldwide leading manufacturer.
The complete structure and integration of R&D and worldwide sales service which provide the high technology of product development and local support. Wherever you are, Good Way is always a reliable business partner and manufacture.
Good Way offers full-range product category including complete Dock and Adapters of Thunderbolt 3, USB-C and USB 3.0 as well as Connected Home wireless applications.
We offer various products for consumer, commercial and industrial applications.
Company: GraalPhone
Booth: 50831
Press Kit:
GraalPhone is a revolutionary 4-in-1 device that combines a highest-level quality PC, smartphone, tablet and 3D digital camera into one compact product. Based on the premise that no one singular piece of technology appears to effectively achieve most users’ optimal levels of appreciation and that consumers often purchase multiple devices to satisfy their needs, GraalPhone designed their product to alleviate consumer frustration with a marketplace that appears to be growing farther apart from the concept of merging all these technologies into one.
Company: Guangzhou GOLDSPIN Electronic Technology Co., LTD
Booth: 35684
GOLDSPIN, located in Guangzhou, was established in 2006 and has been professional manufacturer for screen protectors for over 11 years.
We export an extensive range of screen protectors, including various Tempered Glass Films, TPU Films and PET Films with different features like High Clear, 3D Full Cover, Matte, Anti-Spy, Anti-Blue Light, etc.
GOLDSPIN is built on the foundation of Integrity, Quality and Innovation. Taking the mission of "Make your phone Different" and "Keep it safe", we are devoted to provide our customers with practical, fashionable, stable and environment-friendly products.
Company: Guangzhou Mid Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 53049 (Sands Hall G)
Guangzhou Mid Technology Co. Ltd (Midstereo) is a display company concentrating on glasses-less 3D display system. Midstereo will officially announce the world’s first 24" Full HD desktop glasses-less 3D display with glasses-assisted quality at CES 2017.
The new product adapts completely with existing videos and PC games with stereoscopic 3D data format (e.g., World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Batman) and free of wearable equipment further assists the user to watch 3D with relaxed freedom.
The founding members of the company consist of Ph.Ds and graduates with a broad international background with over 10 years of experience on 3D display technology.
Company: Haier
Booth: 15029
Haier Group is the world's #1 major appliances brand by volume as ranked by Euromonitor International, and a global leader in consumer electronics. Haier employs more than 60,000 people around the world and distributes products in more than 100 countries and regions with global revenues reaching over $30 billion. For more information, please visit or connect at and Twitter @haieramerica.

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CES 2017 exhibitor profiles Digital Trends to Haier.

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