Phobio Launches Rodio, A New Secure Mobile App Engaging Retail Teams to Round Up, Connect and Sell

Rodio: a secure mobile app and communications platform built for retail that enhances engagement so that companies can round up, connect and sell. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LAS VEGAS--()--Phobio, already a leader in the wireless device buyback market with its device trade-in service, Safetrade, continues to be a solutions provider to the ever evolving wireless retail market announcing at CES the launch of Rodio, its new secure mobile app. Rodio is a communications platform built for retail that enhances engagement so that companies can round up, connect and sell.

According to Gallup’s State of the American Worker report, 70% of US workers are disengaged, costing companies $3,000 per employee annually and costing the U.S. $450 Billion.1 Phobio saw this issue escalating especially in the retail wireless space and developed Rodio to combat a vicious cycle. The more wireless stores a company has, the more people they need to hire, and those teams of people need motivation. Therefore retail management is always trying to create engaged teams that are informed, competitive and united across sometimes dozens of stores but finding it difficult to do consistently.

“It’s hard to communicate effectively in command structure organizations, but the good news for companies trying to get employee engagement right is that it’s directly tied to higher earnings,” said Phobio CEO, Stephen Wakeling. Rodio is geared towards fostering these topical conversations amongst in-store customer facing teams to create engagement and drive more sales. We know that real change occurs at the local, workgroup level, but it only happens when company leaders set the tone from the top. To that end, we are actively listening to our customers to continuously build a smarter and simpler platform to engage their teams.”

Here’s how it works, Rodio is downloaded by employees from the iTunes store or Google Play; they log in and are instantly looped into their company’s community. Differentiators and highlights include:

  • Bulletins cascade critical information down the chain based on the retailers command structure and allow for personalization along the way so the sales teams get the information they need the most from the person they work with the most. This further facilitates engagement with teams who do not use email as their preferred form of communication. Millennials for example are communicating via text messaging and 70% of them are bringing their own apps to work. 2
  • Rodio has the ability to separate critical messages from everyday chatter so critical communication doesn’t get lost.
  • All communications are trackable and measurable through the command structure providing visibility on each level to who has received the communication, what the message was, when it was received and any responses. This way leadership can see engagement first hand.
  • Rodio integrates with workforce management and scheduling systems therefore there are zero overtime issues-employees are only able to send and receive messages when on the clock.
  • Important training videos and resources are immediately made available to teams, allowing them to become product knowledge experts.
  • Each team member can view performance stats for themselves and their teams fostering healthy personal competition and peer-to-peer competition, and can reward recognition badges to each other for a job well done.
  • If an employee leaves or is terminated the Rodio account is terminated too, ensuring a compliant solution for companies.

"There are a lot of communication platforms, but few we've found have the security, compliance and administrative aspects that we need as a large enterprise,” said Tiff Polmateer, Chief of Staff, Spring Mobile. “Rodio is just the product we were looking for, with the automation and integration that we need on the back end and the fun, user-friendly front end that our young sales teams enjoy.”

“With over 41% of millennials communicating electronically at work, rather than face-to-face or over the phone,” continued Wakeling, “Rodio is perfectly positioned to fill the gap in helping companies communicate to this group that makes up the largest generation in the retail workforce to date.”

About Phobio:

Phobio was created by people who share a philosophy about how software should work and how business should be done. Upon discovering some obvious shortcomings in the retail mobile trade-in industry, they created a better solution. In 2010, Phobio officially launched Safetrade to deliver a simple service for retailers: high-value trade-ins on the most products with the lowest adjustment rates.

Phobio is headquartered in Georgia but has multiple receiving facilities worldwide including Canada, Italy and Australia. Connect with us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter.

1 Gallup's State of the American Workplace report:



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