The Hand Clinic in Amsterdam is Installing Europe’s First Point-of-Care WristViewTM Compact MRI to Treat Hand and Wrist Injuries

The new FDA-cleared and CE-approved, self-shielded MRI system will be available by the end of this year

The WristView™ Hand and Wrist MRI System (Photo: Business Wire)

AMSTERDAM--()--The Hand Clinic in Amsterdam will start operating the very first WristViewTM Hand and Wrist MRI system in Europe by the end of this year. The clinic, which specializes in hand and wrist complaints, has purchased the WristView system from Israel-based life science company, Aspect Imaging (, the manufacturer of WristView.

With the WristView, a powerful and compact MRI, patients with hand and wrist complaints can be quickly diagnosed in a patient-friendly and comfortable manner. The advantages include:

      1.     The patient is seated while being examined and only the affected hand or wrist is placed in the MRI system. This offers a more comfortable, non-claustrophobic scanning experience, as opposed to a full-body MRI system scan. While the scan takes place, the patient can chat, make a phone call, or watch television, for example. Metallic objects in close proximity to the device no longer present a problem.
2. Waiting times are much shorter. Conventional, full-body MRI facilities often have overloaded schedules. The WristView, in contrast, is readily available at the point of care, and specifically intended for patients with hand and wrist complaints.
3. The medical treatment time is shorter. The preliminary screening for imaging requires only five minutes.
4. The WristView is much quieter than a conventional MRI, producing less than 75 decibels.
5. The required infrastructure is minimal. The WristView, a high-field, 1 Tesla, non-cryogen MRI system, fits in a regular doctor's office and does not require complicated helium refrigeration or a specially-shielded RF facility.

Annually, approximately 2 million Dutch citizens suffer from injuries to their hand or wrist. On average, people experience injuries to their hand or wrist twice in their lifetime, and a non-traumatic disorder at least once in their lifetime. These injuries can lead to absenteeism and thus represent a considerable cost to society. The direct and indirect costs due to hand and wrist complications are estimated at €600 million annually in the Netherlands alone. Costs of osteoarthritis and other degenerative diseases add to this tremendous sum.

The WristView MRI system is a game changer in healthcare management, enabling the transition from “fee for service” models of healthcare delivery, to “value added” care models, such as enhanced patient monitoring and rehabilitation practices.

Commenting on the purchase of Europe’s first WristView system, Dr. Monika Ritt-Fischer, director of The Hand Clinic says: “The placement of this compact MRI is a logical step in our long term goal of remaining a leader in the field of hand and wrist treatment. In collaboration with Aspect Imaging, in the short term, we’re aiming to also offer MRI for pediatric patients where claustrophobia is a concern. Up until now this couldn’t be done. With specialists from Amsterdam-based university medical centers, we’re teaming-up to explore the full potential of this new technology, enabling us to offer optimal treatment for our patients with hand and wrist complaints.”

About The Hand Clinic in Amsterdam

Founded in 2007, The Hand Clinic in Amsterdam has become one of the largest Dutch clinics for the treatment of hand and wrist complaints. Over 3,500 patients annually are treated by a team of over 10 highly qualified hand therapists and surgeons. All treatments are reimbursed by health insurers.

About Aspect Imaging

Aspect Imaging is part of Aspect Intl. LLC, a Singapore based company, the world’s leader in the design and development of compact MR imaging and NMR systems for medical, advanced industrial and preclinical applications. Incorporated in 2014, the company is headed by Uri Rapoport, who has founded and led several Israeli and US companies in the fields of NMR and MRI. Mr. Rapoport holds multiple worldwide and US patents in the fields of NMR, MRI, and GPS.

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Amsterdam's The Hand Clinic is installing Europe's first WristView™ compact MRI from life science company Aspect Imaging to treat hand and wrist injuries.

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Blonde 2.0 for Aspect Imaging
Jonah Balfour, +972 54-6175584 (Cell)