10 Top Home Winterizing Preparation Steps from Blossman Gas

Prepare for Extreme Weather Now

Prepare for extreme weather now. Blossman Gas provides top home winterizing steps. (Photo: Business Wire)

SWANNANOA, N.C.--()--Regardless of where you live in the country, the danger of approaching extreme weather conditions and its associated strong winds, rain, flooding, ice storms or snow means it’s time to prepare your home. Blossman Gas is providing a checklist to prepare for these potential dangers. Preparing and being actively ready with a plan in the case of winter storms can prevent potential crisis and damage in your home.

10 Top Extreme Weather Winterizing Preparation Steps

  1. Get a fall maintenance check on all of your home heating systems as soon as possible, to receive a detailed update on your appliances and systems and to ensure that all are operating at peak performance.
  2. Winterize your home to extend the life of your fuel supply by insulating walls and attics, caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows.
  3. Clear rain gutters, repair roof leaks, and cut away tree branches that could fall on your house during a storm.
  4. Insulate water pipes with insulation or newspapers and plastic. Allow faucets to drip a little during cold weather to avoid freezing.
  5. All fuel-burning equipment should be vented to the outside and kept clear of debris.
  6. Keep fire extinguishers on hand and make sure everyone in your home knows how to use them.
  7. Learn how to shut off water valves and mark with a visible tag. In case your house is unheated for a long period, it is recommended to drain water pipes and turn off the main water valve.
  8. Install storm windows to insulate or cover windows with plastic from the inside to keep cold air out.
  9. Hire a contractor to check the structural ability of the roof to sustain additional weight from an accumulation of snow – or water, if you have a flat roof and your drains do not work.
  10. Keep names and contact information of trusted plumbers and electricians, along with your local Blossman Gas store.

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The danger of approaching extreme weather conditions means it’s time to prepare your home. Blossman Gas is providing a top 10 checklist to prepare for these potential dangers.


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