BetterCloud Launches Industry’s First Unified SaaS Management Platform to Put IT in Control of the SaaS-Powered Workplace

The new platform is the first to centralize and automate the management of SaaS applications throughout the enterprise

NEW YORK--()--BetterCloud today launched the industry’s first-ever unified software-as-a-service (SaaS) management platform. The new BetterCloud platform provides a centralized management interface for SaaS applications, and equips IT departments with the powerful automation and governance capabilities required to operate modern, SaaS-powered workplaces. BetterCloud currently supports G Suite, Slack, Zendesk and Dropbox, with a dozen integrations planned for 2017, including Salesforce.

The explosion of SaaS gives organizations a far greater number of vendors to choose from as they seek out best-in-breed SaaS applications that closely fit their needs. By mid-2017, large enterprises are expected to have adopted 52 SaaS applications on average, according to BetterCloud’s Trends in Cloud IT research.

This growth introduces new challenges for IT departments, however, which now must expand their operational infrastructure to support dozens of applications from multiple vendors across different management consoles. Across BetterCloud’s customer base, the average enterprise organization’s employee offboarding process includes 28 unique steps in G Suite alone. As a result, the IT department is consumed by operational work and often unable to achieve the appropriate level of visibility and control in their SaaS environment. The latest Trends in Cloud IT research found that 60 percent of IT teams do not have complete control over their SaaS applications, and that 49 percent do not have complete visibility into their SaaS applications.

“The rise of the SaaS-powered workplace is transforming the role of IT,” said David Politis, CEO of BetterCloud. “What was once a behind-the-scenes department is now becoming deeply integrated into the business. But the explosion of SaaS offerings from thousands of providers brings a new and significant set of challenges for IT, including a lack of visibility across applications, manual processes that don’t scale, and lack of awareness around operational risk. The new BetterCloud platform empowers IT with the solutions they need to operate and scale today’s SaaS-powered workplace.”

BetterCloud Platform Capabilities

BetterCloud brings information and functionality from disparate SaaS admin consoles to give IT a central command center across all SaaS applications. BetterCloud’s complete user profiles go beyond surface-level user identities to include information on each user’s assets, files, and in-depth privileges across multiple applications. IT can take action on all connected SaaS applications directly from BetterCloud, eliminating manual workflows across admin consoles.

BetterCloud’s automation engine enables IT to automate critical, complex processes across SaaS applications, ensuring accuracy, precision, and compliance every time. Automated processes can be triggered in near real-time by updates in BetterCloud or external systems, including IDaaS providers and the Google Admin Console.

BetterCloud empowers IT to audit users, files, privileges, and security policies across SaaS applications to ensure compliance, while setting proactive security policies to prevent future threats. IT can automatically enforce industry regulations like HIPAA, FISMA, and PII, as well as any custom regulations, based on content inside SaaS applications.

Supporting Quotes

“The tremendous growth of SaaS applications across almost every business function has forced IT teams to manage their users and critical data without a single point of control,” said Arun Mathew, investor at Accel. “BetterCloud’s new unified SaaS management platform is IT’s first and only answer to this problem, finally putting control back in the hands of IT.”

“BetterCloud has been a long-time supporter of Google’s cloud-first vision and an integral technology partner for G Suite,” said Nan Boden, head of Global Technology Partners, Google. “Openness is a core principle of Google’s partnership ecosystem, and we welcome BetterCloud’s new solution to help businesses manage many applications across platforms.”

"Zendesk is loved by IT teams for its ease-of-use and extensible APIs,” said Tom Keiser, CIO at Zendesk. “Integrating Zendesk Support with BetterCloud helps IT teams to streamline the administration of SaaS applications, which automates historically manual processes like onboarding, offboarding and password resets.”

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About BetterCloud
BetterCloud is the first unified SaaS management platform, empowering organizations to securely adopt and manage best-in-breed SaaS applications. Every day, thousands of customers rely on BetterCloud to centralize SaaS management, automate workflows and compliance policies, and surface relevant insights across SaaS applications. BetterCloud is headquartered in New York City with engineering offices in Atlanta, GA. For more information, please visit


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Release Summary

BetterCloud today launched the first-ever unified software-as-a-service (SaaS) management platform.


fama PR, Inc. for BetterCloud
Ali Mapplethorpe, 617-986-5029