Strategy/Company/Operations Update



In October 2016, the above fund was approaching its tenth anniversary. With a diverse portfolio of AIM stocks, the company was performing reasonably well and was the second highest performing fund out of 11 funds in the AIM VCT sector over the previous three year period. However, the Directors of the company felt the time was right to give the shareholders the chance to decide the future direction of New Century AIM VCT 2 Plc.

The choices were:

1 To proceed with an orderly winding up of the fund and to return any monies realised to the shareholders,

2 To continue with buybacks, or

3 To continue with the fund in its present form but to focus on producing a bigger income stream for shareholders.

The Directors are pleased to report that a large number of shareholders responded to the vote and the total results received showed a majority vote of 85.71% in favour of option 3.

Short Name: New Cent. Aim Vct 2
Category Code: UPD
Sequence Number: 568946
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20161202T111610+0000


New Cent. Aim Vct 2


New Cent. Aim Vct 2