Stirista Introduces StiristaLINK – a Data Offering That Connects Business-to-Business & Business-to-Consumer Individual Info

Linking B2B & B2C Data Enables Ability for Brands to Engage with Hard-to-Reach Customers, Among Achieving Numerous Other Marketing Objectives

SAN ANTONIO--()--In a new data offering for the marketing information marketplace, Stirista announces that StiristaLINK is now available – a means for marketers to append customers’ and prospects’ profiles with B2B [business-to-business],B2C [business-to-consumer] and social data.

“Consumer and business lives often are intertwined,” said Stirista CEO Ajay Gupta. “As a result, there are opportunities for either B2B or B2C marketing organizations to leverage consumer or business data, respectively, to enable smarter, more relevant segmentation and messaging. StiristaLINK gives marketers the power to enrich their databases with complex combinations of B2B and B2C information, with 97-percent linkage accuracy.”

According to Gupta, the application of such combinations can be used for numerous marketing objectives:

  • Reach business individuals at home – while they are using their social accounts;
  • Contact consumers during business hours, while they are using business email;
  • Improve targeting and segmentation – in either market;
  • Offer business individuals consumer products and services based on their work status;
  • Access hard-to-reach segments, such as Millennials; and,
  • Enlarge social and display advertising inventory while facilitating smarter advertising, among other objectives.

Altogether, the engine behind StiristaLINK is Stirista’s triple-verified, proprietary and partner data incorporating 250 million records, 400 filters, 275 million social records (incorporating all major social media platforms), 55 million consumer emails linked to business records and 20 million B2B profiles linked to consumer information using proprietary geo-coding methodology unique to Stirista. Through StiristaLINK, B2B data such as workplace location and company names, education, job title, business email addresses, past employers, firmographic information, and LinkedIn profiles are available to consumer marketers. For B2B marketers, consumer demographic, interest, and multichannel contact information is available.

One leading brand is leveraging StiristaLINK consumer attributes to help improve its channel marketing effectiveness: “Stirista’s unique data, which combines B2B data with social information, helps us target HR [human resources] decision makers who can influence the health of employee populations through our products and services,” said Cindy Bobniak, director of marketing, Weight Watchers International. As a result of using Stirista’s social linkage data [StiristaLINK], Weight Watchers was able to target HR pros who had indicated fitness and health interests on their own social profiles and offer them wellness plans for their respective organizations’ employees.

The commercial availability of StiristaLINK promptly follows one other Stirista announcement regarding social information used for marketing purposes, the launch of a real-time data-as-a-service plug-in for B2B social media profiles called Scout – which delivers triple-verified business contact information as a user visits customer and prospect LinkedIn profiles.

For more information on Scout from StiristaLINK, visit

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Stirista is a data-driven marketing agency that specializes in creating custom audience segments and executing campaigns via digital, email, and social channels. Our multi-channel marketing approach allows us to evaluate data unlike any other provider, which results in our clients generating real conversions and leads. With some of the most comprehensive real-time databases in the world, Stirista gives a 360 degree view of an individual, getting you in front of the right people through email and online advertising. Our growth and success in six short years has made us a trusted industry leader recognized for its expertise in helping companies acquire new clients.


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Laura Narpaul, 210-257-8689