Galvanize Adheres to Highest Compliance and Transparency Standards in Technology Education Sector, Calls on Other Providers to Do the Same

As part of the Galvanize Standard, Galvanize releases new job placement statistics, publishes independent audit

DENVER--()--Galvanize, the dynamic learning community for technology, today announced the Galvanize Standard, a commitment to transparent and rigorous methods of consumer and student protection. As part of this initiative, Galvanize has adhered to the highest standards in calculating and publishing student success metrics, and called on other technology education providers to follow their lead. Under this new standard, Galvanize also released new information about student job placement rates as well as the results of a verified third-party audit of our data.

“Some technology education schools, boot camps have been playing fast and loose with their student information—claiming sky-high, even impossible success rates. That kind of short-sighted approach is unfair to students who are, in most cases, investing in their educations and future job prospects and unfortunately, the sector has, so far, been unable or unwilling to clean it up,” said Galvanize cofounder and CEO Jim Deters.

Absent a nationally accepted way to count graduation rates or job placements, and without a national accrediting body or governing agency, technology education institutions such as Galvanize are required to follow state standards of the states in which they operate. The standards set by the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) are acknowledged to be the most comprehensive in the country.

Under the Galvanize Standard, Galvanize has applied the BPPE of California methodology not just to its students in California—as it has been required to and has done—but to every Galvanize student in every program across its nine campuses nationwide. Furthermore, we post our data and methodology on our website.

“Our Galvanize Standard creates clear and consistent, verified information about our placement rates and other important information students need to make the most informed education decisions,” Deters said. “We encourage other technology education providers to follow the law, and we caution consumers to be wary of those who do not.”

Galvanize company-wide job placement rates for students who completed Galvanize programs in any location:

Web Development 88% of graduates placed in job in field within six months
Data Science 90% of graduates placed in job in field within six months
2014-15 Averages
Web Development 91% placement rate
Data Science 92% placement rate

Further, as part of the Galvanize Standard, the company-wide results were audited and verified by an outside firm and the complete audit was posted on the Galvanize website. EKS&H of Denver audited the 2015 data.

“We’re very proud of our success—that 90% of those who complete our immersive, industry-aligned programs find jobs within six months,” said Deters. “That’s pretty incredible and we’ll put our real numbers against anyone willing to follow the same, strict, audited and verified guidelines as the Galvanize Standard.”

In addition to a standard way of calculating job placement rates, the Galvanize Standard also includes a company commitment to:

  • Review by independent, outside experts of our marketing materials and student recruitment efforts, along with lender relationships, to help ensure our Galvanize materials and procedures are not deceptive and misleading for prospective students.
  • Ensure that prospective and current students have the same student-protection and job-placement information and materials as our management team and Board of Directors.
  • Invest in further training for our admissions counselors to ensure that our prospective students get accurate information about our programs and credits.
  • Further prioritize the hiring and recruiting of qualified instructors and continuing to partner with lending institutions that are equally transparent in their practices.

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As part of the Galvanize Standard, Galvanize releases new job placement statistics, publishes independent audit.


For Galvanize
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