The Internet Destroyed Our Privacy. Anonyome Labs Launched to Fix It.

New SudoApp and SudoPay apps leverage strong anonymity and avatar identities to allow users to call, message, email, shop and pay – safely, securely and privately

SALT LAKE CITY--()--Anonyome Labs announced today the first of several apps that finally give consumers complete control and freedom over their personal and private information. In a world consumed by WikiLeaks, identity theft, security breaches, and public and private data miners, the time has come to fix what is wrong with the Internet—namely that everything we do is recorded, analyzed, stored, and sold to the highest bidder. Using strong anonymity and advanced encryption, the apps have been designed for use by everyday consumers for every part of their online world. The result is a platform that gives anyone the power to create a proxy – or avatar – for their identity that can be used in both the online and offline world to safeguard their data, while insuring the safety and security of their identity and online activity.

Launched in early 2014 by Steve Shillingford, former CEO of Solera Networks, Greg Clark, current CEO of Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) and board member of the Global Healthcare Exchange and Dr. Paul Ashley, former lead architect for IBM’S Advanced Threat Protection platform, the company has been working over the last several years on the technology, platform, and applications designed to offer more control, safety, and security for consumers’ online identities. Leveraging an experienced team with over 100 patents in cryptography, encryption, identity management, network security, and surveillance, the company is delivering SudoApp 2.0 and SudoPay 1.0 to consumers just in time for the holiday season. SudoApp is an all-in-one app that lets users create up to 9 Sudo avatars – each with a unique phone number and email address – for calling, texting and emailing anyone, worldwide, for free. SudoPay instantly creates anonymous virtual credit cards for gifting, shopping, and online payments – protecting users against identity theft and credit fraud, while keeping their physical credit card information and personal information private. Both apps are available today in the Apple App Store.

The first of several offerings to come, the Sudo family of apps give relief to overwhelmed and discouraged consumers. As cited in a recent Pew Research survey, nearly 90% of Americans say they lack confidence in the security of their primary communication channels and tools, and have no faith that public and private organizations are protecting their personal information.

“Simply put, we believe that individuals should be in charge of their personal information,” said Steve Shillingford, CEO of Anonyome Labs. “If you’re fed up with unending public or private surveillance or that WhatsApp is sending your mobile number to Facebook, we have a powerful alternative for control, security and privacy.”

“When we originally started this effort in 2014, consumers were less mindful of their online privacy. Today, this topic is front and center. I’m very excited with the progress the team has made, seeing firsthand the challenges consumers face trying to protect themselves online,” said Greg Clark.

SudoApp and SudoPay can be used separately or can seamlessly link together, allowing consumers to take advantage of the full Sudo suite of features – call, text, email, anyone, anywhere, while being able purchase goods and services online, without leaving your personal, private information with a site for hackers and trackers to steal or sell later. All information shared in SudoApp and SudoPay is 100% secure and encrypted, and both apps require zero knowledge of the user. No more user names or passwords to remember—or to be stolen. Access to Anonyome Labs systems, authorized or not, will also never reveal a user’s personal information as each Sudo a user creates has a private encryption key that resides with, and stays on, the user’s mobile device.

With SudoApp 2.0 and SudoPay 1.0, consumers can now:

  • create and delete, temporary or permanent phone numbers for calling and texting to anyone - business partners, sales people or to simply avoid other online annoyances
  • instantly create and delete emails and complete profiles to register for a service or loyalty program without being tracked, hacked, or spammed
  • instantly create and delete single purpose avatars for selling on Craigslist or similar sites
  • use anonymous credit cards online that are separate from physical card details for protection against identity theft, automatic renewals and credit fraud
  • send anyone “digital cash” via customized text messages

Pricing and Availability

SudoApp 2.0 and SudoPay 1.0 are available immediately as a free download in the App Store:

SudoPay users incur a small service fee when procuring a SudoPay card. Both apps are currently available on iOS only.

MEDIA CONTACT: To arrange an interview, or for more information about product features and consumer use stories, please contact Alexandra Kenway at (650) 762-2985.


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Anonyome (Uh-non-O-me) Labs was created to give people control and freedom over their personal and private information. We believe that people should be able to determine how, what, and with whom they share their personal details. We are building the tools that shift the balance of power from the public and private data brokers, advertisers, and organizations demanding your personal information, back to you, the user. For more information, visit:


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Alexandra Kenway, 650-762-2985


for Anonyome Labs
Alexandra Kenway, 650-762-2985