Introducing Wyng

Today, Offerpop announces the change of our corporate name to Wyng.

NEW YORK--()--When Offerpop was founded in 2009, the name was apt. The goal of digital marketing was to engage consumers through promotions, sweepstakes, and special offers. Since then, technology has fueled a more interactive, empowered consumer, and we’ve become something equally new: Wyng.

“As Wyng, we’ve aligned to reflect the true breadth and value of our platform for brands and agencies, while advancing our investment in campaign data through predictive modeling. With our new name comes a new mission; elevate consumer influence,” states Wyng CEO, John Yapaola.

Marketing effectiveness today is increasingly driven by consumer influence, and brands have a new potential to activate and unite consumers. Gannett’s USA Today tapped into the importance of consumer influence with their #votingbecause campaign, powered by Wyng. USA Today has given our country’s voters a platform for their voices to be heard, inspiring them to show up at the polls on Election Day.

Consumer Influence: it all started with the #Hashtag

During the first break of the 2011 Super Bowl, Audi aired a 60-second commercial spot for its A8 sedan, at the end of which history was made: the first ever use of a hashtag in a Super Bowl commercial, "#ProgressIs," powered by Offerpop. The hashtag campaign, soon the norm in digital marketing, had broken the fourth wall of advertising because brands like Audi could activate consumers to promote their brand on social media.

  • By 2013, over 200,000 photos were uploaded to Facebook every second. In November of that year, we launched Hashtag Gallery, a campaign template for brands to showcase consumer photos, videos, and tweets on their owned channels.
  • In October 2015, Snapchat unveiled sponsored lenses. Major brands embraced this geo-based functionality, realizing the behavioral value in consumer-authored personalized photos.
  • Brand Stickers were introduced by Twitter in 2016, and we released Photo Lab shortly thereafter. We saw the need for brands to build campaigns that leveraged Snapchat and Twitter functionality, but with a twist. These campaigns were hosted on brand-owned channels, thus increasing a brand’s ability to ignite consumer sharing and drive influence.

Wyng has powered hundreds of thousands of digital campaigns, collecting over 45 million images, 3 million videos, while delivering over a half billion views in the past seven years. This data presents the opportunity to unearth consumer participation and campaign insights that will allow brands to ensure digital marketing success through predictive intelligence.

Consumer behavior has evolved, and so have we. We are Wyng.

About Wyng: Keeping pace with technology and innovation, our company has evolved and we've outgrown Offerpop. Wyng embodies our vision to elevate consumer influence by providing a marketing platform for brands and agencies to build and run campaigns that drive participation. We powered the first Super Bowl hashtag commercial in 2011. Since then, we've continued to evolve our platform to align with shifts in consumer behavior through a robust library of campaign templates. We help brands create communities, what we call tribes, bound by affinity and connection. Wyng is headquartered in New York City.


Jeffrey Soriano, 646-795-6275

Release Summary

Offerpop changes corporate name to Wyng, embracing how technology has fueled a more interactive, empowered consumer. Wyng elevates consumer influence.


Jeffrey Soriano, 646-795-6275