Pratt & Lambert Paints Names “Leafy Bower” the 2017 Color of the Year

Inspired by a Mix of Glamour and Moody Opulence, This Deep, Jeweled Green Evokes Bittersweet Beauty and Feelings of Luxury in the Home

Pratt & Lambert's 2017 Color of the Year, Leafy Bower (23-18)

CLEVELAND--()--Pratt & Lambert® Paints, an industry leader in innovative and quality paint products, is proud to unveil Leafy Bower (23-18) as the brand’s Color of the Year for 2017. This rich, viridian green emerges as the leading color from the four-trend color story Captivate, identified by Pratt & Lambert’s color and design experts with influences spanning home décor, design, art, fashion and food.

Highlighting key themes found in the Enigma trend story, Leafy Bower is a notably darker hue evoking a range of emotions from melancholy to curiosity. It is a versatile jewel tone that gives creative visionaries from style-savvy homeowners to designers and architects a versatile and dynamic color that can be used to create a variety of visual and emotional effects in the home. In intimate spaces, Leafy Bower exudes dark, moody opulence and glamour and when used in more functional spaces like the kitchen, this hue portrays luxury. With the ability to be seamlessly incorporated throughout the home, Leafy Bower is poised to be coveted for a range of design and home décor projects in 2017.

“At Pratt & Lambert Paints, we believe in bringing beauty to all through exceptional paint color choices, beautiful color collections and premium quality products,” said Carolyn Noble, ASID, Pratt & Lambert Manager of Color Marketing & Design. “We chose Leafy Bower as the 2017 Color of the Year as it captures the essence of aspirational color in 2017, going beyond function and evoking an emotional energy when you enter into the space.”

The four trends included in the Captivate color story are Enigma, Purpose, Convergence and Intrinsic. Underlining Pratt & Lambert’s heritage of rich, deep and on-trend colors, the brand offers several exquisite color options within each of the four stories.

About Captivate Trend Stories


Enigma blurs the boundaries between the colors of night and day, evoking a feeling of modern romance by pairing dark hues with lighter colors. It balances sophisticated and moody tones of lapis blue, oxblood red and deep blueish-green with colored metallics, such as pewter gray and bronze. The richer hues found within Enigma demand attention and are ideal for rooms that are a focal point of the home. Featured Pratt & Lambert paint colors include: Leafy Bower (23-18) (2017 Color of the Year), Beetroot (1-19), Sailor Suit (27-16), Muted Lime (16-27), Stone’s Throw (28-18), Cream Rouge (4-22), Winsome Lilac (29-3) and Berry Bliss (1-18).


Purpose marries serenity and subtle beauty with the desire to achieve elevated sustainability in today’s ever-evolving world. The traditional saddle browns, pale pastels of chalky pinks and dusty blues grounded in off-black create a contrasting range of accent colors in this palette. Bringing these hues into a space creates a calming oasis where applied. Featured Pratt & Lambert paint colors include: Pinecone Tan (7-22), Full Moon (29-31), Gossamer (32-26), Alamar (4-27), Hemlock (19-19), Cerulean Haze (27-26), Deep Charcoal (25-18) and Portland Blue (23-23).


The palette of Convergence includes greige and teal blues warmed up by the refined hues of dusty rose and sheeny gold. Red takes center stage in this trend story, with shades of scarlet and coral. These cool and light core tones bring calm and balance to this palette. Convergence celebrates unexpected pairings of luxurious elements with everyday items to elevate daily happenings in life, such as intimate dinner parties for family and friends. Featured Pratt & Lambert paint colors include: Pebble (33-29), Woodland (20-19), Victoria Blue (23-15), Cambria (5-9), Good Earth (4-23), Chelsea Prize (4-14), Raffia Tan (10-25) and Argosy (26-21).


This color story brings the outdoors indoors with twilight blues and clay reds anchored in dark earthy tones, such as rich chocolate browns and deep forest greens. Saturated tones like saffron yellow and spiced pumpkin work as complementary contrasts with berry purple and evergreen. Intrinsic is the palette for creating a bold, fresh statement in smaller rooms where color is the star of the space. Featured Pratt & Lambert paint colors include: Oxford Deep (11-17), Orange Spice (8-16), Mellow Mood (6-31), Paradise Green (16-14), Lambert’s Blue (25-13), Purple Favor (1-17), Essex Deep Green (20-17) and Solarette (14-10).

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