Zenefits Launches Z2 the First Total App Experience for Small Business HR; Sets New Bar for All-in-One HR

  • Launches first fully integrated HR App Experience for small businesses, with 17 partner integrations
  • Opens up developer platform to pave way for hundreds of third-party apps
  • Begins wide release of Zenefits Payroll in California
  • Introduces new online shopping experience for Benefits
  • Completes mobile roll-out with new iPhone and Android apps
  • Introduces new HR Advisor app and service, with paid model

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Z2 – Zenefits today unveiled Z2, the first total app experience for small business HR. Zenefits has been completely redesigned as a connected ecosystem of apps, giving small businesses the most comprehensive all-in-one HR solution and enabling best-of-breed providers to join the Zenefits platform. A massive product release that streamlines the administrative work associated with HR, benefits and payroll, Z2 includes innovations across all areas of the Zenefits solution: a revolutionary new online benefits shopping and enrollment experience, the wide release of Zenefits Payroll in California, new Android and iPhone mobile apps, and a new HR Advisor app.

“Three years ago, Zenefits defined the all-in-one HR category by bringing together HR processes, payroll and benefits in a single unified interface,” said David Sacks, CEO of Zenefits. “While the rest of the market is still trying to catch up to Zenefits 1.0, we are redefining the all-in-one category to include any app connected to employee data. This is the culmination of everything the company has been building for the last three years. This is the future of this industry.”

First Total App Experience for Small Business HR

Zenefits’ new platform allows authorized applications to access the employee system of record and be installed on the Zenefits dashboard. The new App Directory launches with 17 partners across key functions, including expenses, performance management, employee engagement and productivity. Not only can apps connect to information on Zenefits; they can also ask for data in key HR workflows, such as hiring, transfers, promotion and termination. This allows apps to gather all the information needed for their configuration. Share management apps such as eShares can ask for specific stock grant information, while productivity apps such as G Suite can ask for the email address to create upon hiring. Giving apps the ability to program the user interface of Zenefits.com is one of the platform’s most ambitious features.

17 available integrations include:

  • G Suite (Google), Office 365, Salesforce, Slack (productivity apps)
  • Intuit Quickbooks, Xero (payroll accounting apps)
  • Abacus, Expensify (expense reporting apps)
  • eShares (stock options app)
  • Lattice, Zugata (performance management apps)
  • Greenhouse, Jazz, Lever (recruiting apps)
  • Blueboard, Bonusly, Officevibe (employee engagement apps)

"In a world that has 10 apps for everything, the question isn't ‘if’ there's an app for that, but rather ‘which one should I use?’" said David Barrett, founder and CEO of Expensify. “Companies like Zenefits are helping simplify that decision by pulling best-of-breed partners like Expensify, Quickbooks and Xero together into a single, seamlessly connected stack for both the company administrators and their employees."

New Benefits Shopping and Enrollment Experience Leapfrogs Competition

Each year, companies go through an open enrollment period where they select and administer employee benefits, including health, vision and dental insurance. Zenefits’ new online shopping experience gives small businesses, for the first time, the ability to directly find, evaluate and select the best plan for their organization from thousands of plans provided by more than 250 carriers. Zenefits’ comparative solution helps companies determine which plans are right for them through side-by-side comparisons and the ability to see, in a map view, the in-network provider facilities in relation to where employees actually live. These online capabilities are complemented by available advice and guidance from Zenefits’ more than 250 licensed benefits brokers.

“Similar to how services like Zillow and Trulia revolutionized the search and discovery of homes, Zenefits is revolutionizing how small businesses shop for benefits — bringing greater choice, speed and transparency to the process,” said Arisa Amano, VP of Product at Zenefits. “Our new benefits shopping and enrollment experience is a great example of what is only possible when everything is part of an all-in-one, online system.”

Wide Release of Zenefits Payroll, Starting with California

Designed to seamlessly integrate with everything on Zenefits — including apps like Hiring, Time & Attendance, Time Off, Benefits and the core HR information system (HRIS) — Zenefits Payroll captures every change that affects payroll and updates itself automatically. Users enjoy unprecedented simplicity, speed and reliability, and get to manage their entire HR set-up in one place.

Zenefits Payroll launched in limited release last year to more than 500 companies and is now moving to wide release in California with many other states soon to follow. Pricing for Zenefits Payroll is $35 per month, plus $5 monthly per employee.

"Using Zenefits as our central system for employees is a testament to how much we trust them, their support team and their operations teams,” said Sohail Prasad, co-founder & CEO of Equidate, a premier stock market for private technology companies. “With Zenefits Payroll, all of the data and changes that impact payroll are automatically updated for total accuracy — it is my one source of truth."

“Zenefits Payroll is quick, easy and seamless — every single time. It’s literally a couple clicks of a button. Payroll has gone from an hour-and-a-half process down to minutes,” said Kevin Burns, Client Services Manager at EETech Media.

Complete Redesign

Zenefits has made major updates to its core HR platform, including redesigns of the employee and admin dashboards, more comprehensive employee profiles and new overview pages for administrators that provide at-a-glance summaries for processes like the onboarding progress of new employees. Zenefits has also introduced completely redesigned workflows for hiring and employment termination, which now incorporate connected applications from the Zenefits App Directory.

New HR Advisor App and Service from Experts

Small business owners and HR administrators often need guidance in creating foundational policies and materials for their business. Zenefits today introduced an HR Advisor app, which includes a library of articles and tools related to hiring, employee compensation, benefits benchmarking, compliance and more. For companies needing more assistance, the app also includes access to certified Zenefits experts who can help companies address both common and uncommon HR issues specific to their company, such as terminations, leave policies or performance management best practices. Administrators can request support from HR experts directly through the HR Advisor app. Pricing for Zenefits HR Advisor is $5 monthly per employee.

New Android and Upgraded iPhone Apps

Zenefits mobile apps put HR in the pocket of employees. Following the release of a new Zenefits app for iPhones in June, Zenefits today introduced a new mobile app for Android, which gives employees on-the-go access to an employee directory, benefits information, pay stubs, balances for flexible savings and commuter benefits accounts, as well as the ability to request time off. Zenefits also introduced a new feature to its iPhone and Android apps, allowing hourly employees to now clock in and out of work on their phones.

About Zenefits

Zenefits is the first total app experience for small business HR. Designed as a connected ecosystem of apps, Zenefits gives small businesses the most comprehensive all-in-one HR solution and enables best-of-breed providers to join the Zenefits platform. For thousands of small business owners nationwide — from restaurants and fitness clubs, tech companies and clothing stores, dentist and doctors’ offices, architects and schools, Zenefits eliminates thousands of hours of paperwork. Combining broker services and HR expertise with a suite of deeply integrated technologies, Zenefits helps entrepreneurs do what they do best: grow their business. For more information, visit www.zenefits.com.


Kevin Young, 415-625-8555


Kevin Young, 415-625-8555