Director/PDMR Shareholding


St. James’s Place plc (“SJP”)

SJP has been notified that on 26 September 2016 Mr Craig Gentle was awarded SJP share options over SJP ordinary 15p shares. Mr Gentle is a Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilities (“PDMRs”).

Mr Gentle has been awarded a Nil Cost Option under the SJP Performance Share Plan (“PSP”) over 48,805 SJP ordinary 15p shares and a Linked Option granted under the SJP Company Share Option Plan (“CSOP”) over 3,082 SJP ordinary 15p shares with an exercise price of £9.7325 per share.

The award under the PSP and CSOP vest in three years and are exercisable between the 26 September 2019 and 26 September 2022, subject to the achievement of prescribed performance targets over a three-year performance period that commenced on 1 January 2016 and will end on 31 December 2018. Two thirds of the award will be dependent on growth in adjusted earnings per share and one third on total shareholder return. Further details of the performance conditions are set out in the SJP Report & Accounts.

To the extent that Mr Gentle can exercise his option under the CSOP, this will result in the number of shares that can be exercised under the PSP reducing in accordance with the terms of the PSP scheme rules.

Additional Holdings

Mr Gentle had no holdings in SJP shares prior to the above award. This includes the interests of Persons Closely Associated with Mr Gentle as defined in Article 3(26) of the EC Market Abuse Regulations.

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