Partial Redemption


Regulatory Announcement

Issuer: THFC (Indexed) Limited (THFCIL)

5.65% Index-Linked Stock 2020

ISIN GB0008714882

Partial Redemption

THFC (Indexed) Limited is pleased to announce that a partial repayment of 5.65% Index-linked Stock due 2020 (the Stock) was undertaken on 30 September 2016 by way of an early redemption of £1,300,000 original nominal amount of the Stock (representing approximately 1.399805% of the outstanding £92,870,063 original nominal amount of Stock).

The price paid on early redemption, calculated in accordance with the conditions applicable to the Stock, was £254.9552 per £100 of the Outstanding Principal Amount of Stock redeemed.

The Outstanding Principal Amount of the Stock on 30 September 2016 is set out in the Offering Circular and defined in the Trust Deed constituting the Stock as £24.6033 per £100 original nominal of stock.

The original nominal amount outstanding following the early redemption is £91,570,063.

For individual holders, the redemption took place pro rata to each Stockholder's holding of the Stock in accordance with the conditions applicable to the Stock. As a consequence, for some smaller holdings there was no redemption.

The “factors” set out in the Offering Circular in respect of interest payments and scheduled repayment instalments (prior to indexation) and expressed per £100 original nominal will continue to apply to the reduced original nominal amount of Stock. A copy of the Offering Circular can be found on the website:

For further information please contact Fenella Edge on 020 7337 9920.

Short Name: T.H.F.C. (Indexed)
Category Code: MSCM
Sequence Number: 554846
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20161017T120225+0100


T.H.F.C. (Indexed) Limited

Release Summary

THFC (Indexed) Limited announces a partial early repayment of index linked stock took place on 30 September 2016.


T.H.F.C. (Indexed) Limited