Axcient Announces ‘State of IT Resilience’ Survey Results

IT Professionals Burdened with IT Bloat that Increases Costs & Downtime

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--Axcient, the industry-recognized leader in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and cloud-based IT resilience, today announced the results of a survey of more than 500 IT professionals at VMworld 2016 aimed at identifying the biggest challenges in building resilience for virtualized IT environments — IT professionals are burdened by IT bloat and sluggish recovery times following a crisis.

Notably, 72 percent of respondents indicated that they are using three or more solutions for data protection and disaster recovery. Similarly, nearly 80 percent of respondents stated that, following a catastrophic event, it would take anywhere from more than an hour to several days to get their systems fully up and running again.

"This survey confirms what we already know — IT teams are bogged down with redundant silos of infrastructure and multiple copies of data, and when disaster strikes, they simply don't have the ability to react quickly enough to meet today's IT resilience standards," said Axcient CEO Justin Moore.

Today’s IT leaders are constantly asked to find new ways to deliver higher levels of service at lower cost and with fewer resources. Legacy hardware and software products for non-production workloads stand in the way, as the hub-and-spoke model of legacy infrastructure creates redundant silos for each workload. This not only increases complexity and cost, but drastically limits IT organizations’ ability to quickly respond to incidents, outages and security breaches.

Nearly half of all respondents indicated that they would like to see more orchestration in VMware. Other results from Axcient's ‘State of IT Resilience’ Survey include:

  • When asked to rank in order of importance, respondents ranked the following strategic initiatives from most to least important to their business: disaster recovery, data protection, public cloud integration, testing and development, analytics and BI, and finally archiving and compliance / long-term retention.
  • More than 70 percent of respondents indicated having 4 or more copies of their production data that is being used for other use cases such as data protection and dev/test
  • More than 40 percent of respondents would like to see better orchestration services offered in VMware.

Click here to view the complete survey results.

Axcient Fusion, the cloud-converged solution for IT resilience, empowers businesses to significantly reduce overall IT spend and complexity by consolidating legacy solutions for resilience and agility into a single cloud-converged platform. With Fusion, businesses can spin up fully up-to-date and functional copies of servers and production software to be back online within an hour of disaster. IT teams benefit from:

  • Five critical non-production workloads consolidated into one cloud-converged platform.
  • Less than 60 minutes from catastrophic infrastructure failure to full IT productivity.
  • One-click, on-demand testing and development environments using real-time data.
  • 30x reduction in data storage footprint with global data deduplication.
  • 10x reduction in network and compute requirements.
  • 90 percent reduction in bandwidth consumption with in-line WAN optimization.
  • Snapshots replicated to the cloud in as fast as 90 seconds.
  • Fully customizable retention policies for regulatory compliance.
  • Hardened transport and data security with AES-256 key-based encryption.
  • Ten minutes to setup and deploy.

About Axcient

Axcient solves complicated technology problems with powerfully simple cloud solutions to enable businesses to run at their full potential. Fusion, the world’s first cloud-converged solution for IT resilience, empowers businesses of all sizes to operate with the resilience and agility of the world’s largest enterprises while dramatically reducing data center footprint, complexity and cost. Thousands of businesses trust Axcient to keep their applications running, their data centers lean and employees productive. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

Gartner recently recognized Axcient as a Leader in the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service.

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