60+ New Online Courses for Job Skills on Coursera

Coursera Opens Enrollment to New, Affordable Courses that Teach Skills in Supply Chain Management, Cybersecurity, Data Visualization with Tableau, and More

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--Coursera, the global leader in online education, today announced 60+ new affordable courses and Specializations that teach a wide range of career-related skills, from data analytics for business, to user interface design, to beginning Chinese. Coursera Specializations are series of courses designed to build skill or subject mastery; learners who complete a Specialization receive Specialization Certificates from world-renowned schools like Stanford University, Yale University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, and Rice University.

According to a survey published in Harvard Business Review last year, 87 percent of people who completed online courses on Coursera with the intention of advancing their careers reported benefits including a promotion, a new job, or a salary raise. If you are interested in exploring a new career or in taking the next step in your current role, check out new courses and Specializations open for enrollment in the following topics:

Computer Science

Try: Functional Programming in Scala, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Scala is a new functional computer programming language increasingly being adopted by companies for its versatility and ability to integrate with existing Java platforms. Demand for engineers with this skill is high, with Scala developers earning a 22 percent pay boost on average according to PayScale. In this Specialization, you’ll learn Scala from the person who invented this programming language.

Other new computer science Specializations:

Data Science and Analytics

Try: Applied Data Science with Python, University of Michigan

There’s a reason why the Harvard Business Review named data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century – and it’s not just because of its high pay check. Master data science basics with this five-course Specialization, which also covers the fundamentals of Python computer programming.

Other new data science Specializations:

Business & Management

Try: Engineering Management Certificate, Part 1: Leadership, Rice University

Leadership skill development is often overlooked for engineers but is equally as important as technical skills. This is Part 1 of a series of Specializations that result in a Certificate in Engineering Management from Rice University designed specifically for professional engineers who are interested in advancing into leadership and management roles.

Other new business and management Specializations:

Personal Development

Try: Learn Mandarin Chinese, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more than 1 billion people, making it the most-spoken language in the world today. Learn the basics of this global language with this four-course beginner Specialization, which also prepares you to pass the HSK (the only official proficiency test of Chinese language) level 1 or 2.

Other new personal development Specializations and courses:

Coursera’s newest offerings bring the total number of courses and Specializations available on the platform to over 1,500 and over 150, respectively. All of the new courses and Specializations are open for enrollment today.

In addition to new content, Coursera launched several new features this month, including new progress bars and course checklists to help learners track their work and plan ahead; new, personalized course recommendations based on individual interests and goals; and an in-browser coding experience that allows learners to practice writing, testing, and debugging code in computer science and data science courses. These enhancements join Coursera’s suite of unique features, like flexible course sessions that fit to any schedule and a robust mobile app that allows learning on-the-go, that make it easier than ever to learn and develop new skills online.

To see all of the new courses and Specializations on Coursera, or to register for an upcoming session, visit Coursera.org.

About Coursera

Coursera is an online education company that offers courses and learning experiences from the world's top universities and education institutions including Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, University of Virginia, and University of Michigan. Coursera has more than 22 million registered learners worldwide who can access over 1,500 courses and Specializations in dozens of topics including business, technology, social sciences, health, and art. Coursera empowers learners around the world to achieve their career, educational, and personal enrichment goals throughout their lives. Coursera is backed by leading VCs such as Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, New Enterprise Associates, GSV Capital, International Finance Corporation, Laureate Education Inc., and Learn Capital.


Charlotte Crawford
PR Manager


Charlotte Crawford
PR Manager