Smart Choice Launches New PreK-12 Centralized Enrollment Platform

LAFAYETTE, La.--()--Smart Choice Technologies announced the launch of its new platform today, the Smart Choice Centralized Enrollment Solution. The platform is designed to streamline and simplify the enrollment process for parents and administrators in cities and regions that have centralized their PreK-12 enrollment.

School choice in PreK-12 systems has taken root across the country expanding educational opportunities for families by giving them more school choices, options beyond their locally zoned schools.

Centralized enrollment systems extend choices to include citywide or regional schools, allowing parents to apply to public schools, magnet schools, academies and charter schools outside of their zoning and district assignments.

Centralized enrollment efforts in Denver, New Orleans, Detroit, Washington, DC, and New York are shining examples of how cities are embracing school choice. Centralizing enrollment under one system offers many benefits, but it also poses major challenges.

Smart Choice’s Centralized Enrollment Solution not only helps reduce administrative costs, it also solves many of the toughest centralized enrollment challenges.

At the stakeholder level, it has overcome challenges related to administrative complexity and diversity in the PreK-12 application and enrollment process by compartmentalizing administration among participating entities, often independently governed and managed districts, charter schools and other organizations.

Its tiered user management system allows centralized administration, distributed administration or a combination of both. This unrivaled flexibility provides for every administration and system management model.

At the parent level, the solution simplifies complexity by providing parents a simple, single application and enrollment process. Commonly, centralized enrollment systems allow parents to apply each child to more than one school or program. Smart Choice has solved the complexity challenges related to “multiple choices” per child through its dynamic single application process.

Once applications are submitted, Smart Choice’s centralized enrollment system automates the selection and placement process to place students according to how parents have ranked their “multiple” school choices, as well as the priorities, rules and requirements set by participating entities.

The system ensures fairness, transparency, and accountability. No student can occupy more than one seat across the centralized enrollment system, and waitlist options and alternate choices are provided for those not placed in their top choices.

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Smart Choice Technologies
Geoff Daily, 877-650-5208

Release Summary

Smart Choice launches its new PreK-12 centralized enrollment platform, a school choice platform that streamlines citywide and regional efforts to provide parents a simple single application process.


Smart Choice Technologies
Geoff Daily, 877-650-5208