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United Company RUSAL Plc (Paris:RUSAL) (Paris:RUAL):

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(Incorporated under the laws of Jersey with limited liability)
(Stock Code: 486)


This announcement is made by United Company RUSAL Plc (the “Company”) pursuant to Rule 13.09 of the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, the Inside Information Provisions under Part XIVA of the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap. 571, Laws of Hong Kong) and applicable French laws and regulations.

Shareholders and potential investors are advised to exercise caution when dealing in the shares of the Company.


The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Company has on 29 September 2016 approved an interim dividend of US dollars 0.01645 per ordinary share for the financial year ending 31 December 2016 (the “Interim Dividend”).

The Interim Dividend will be payable in cash to shareholders of the Company whose names appear on the principal register of shareholders of the Company in Jersey at 4:30pm Jersey time on 3 October 2016 and to the shareholders registered in the Hong Kong overseas branch register of shareholders of the Company at 4:30pm Hong Kong time on 3 October 2016.

Payment of the Interim Dividend is subject to the Company obtaining prior consents from certain lenders of the Company (the “Lenders”).

Subject to the Company obtaining the Lender’s consent as mentioned above, the Interim Dividend is expected to be paid on 31 October 2016 or as soon as practicable after all necessary consents from the Lenders are obtained and/or covenants are put into place and/or met to pay the Interim Dividend (the “Payment Date”). The payment of the Interim Dividend shall be made in cash in a currency to be determined based on the registered address of each registered shareholder whose name appears on the Company’s registers of shareholders as follows: Hong Kong dollars for shareholders with registered address in Hong Kong and US dollars for shareholders with registered address in all other countries at the exchange rate «Buying TT» of US Dollar 1: Hong Kong Dollar 7.7240 as published by Hong Kong Association of Banks on 29 September 2016.

As mentioned in the Company’s announcement dated 19 September 2016, the register of shareholders of the Company will be closed on 3 October 2016 for the whole day during which no transfer of shares of the Company can be registered. In order to qualify for the Interim Dividend, all completed transfer forms, accompanied by the relevant share certificates must be lodged with, in respect of shares registered on the register of shareholders in Jersey, Computershare Investor Services (Jersey) Limited, Queensway House, Hilgrove Street, St Helier, Jersey JE1 1ES, not later than 4:30pm (Jersey time) on 30 September 2016, and in respect of shares registered on the overseas branch register in Hong Kong, Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited, Shop 1712 - 1716, 17th Floor, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong, not later than 4:30pm (Hong Kong time) on 30 September 2016.

Investors holding their shares through intermediaries are advised to consult their brokers or similar institutions through which the shares are held as to the latest date and time applicable to them to ensure they are properly registered to qualify for the Interim Dividend.

As the Company is a corporate tax resident of Cyprus, under the laws of Cyprus, certain non-corporate shareholders who are tax residents of Cyprus will be subject to a 17% special contribution towards the national defense of Cyprus (the “Special Contribution”) in respect of dividends to be paid by the Company.

The Company will be required to withhold an amount equal to the Special Contribution from the Interim Dividend to be paid to the non-corporate shareholders directly registered on the registers of shareholders of the Company on 3 October 2016, as mentioned above (the “Concerned Shareholder(s)”) unless the completed declaration for exemption, circulated by the Company for the purpose of, among other things, confirming whether such Concerned Shareholder is a tax resident of Cyprus and subject to the Special Contribution, is returned to the Company and the procedure for confirming that the relevant Concerned Shareholder is not a tax resident of Cyprus is completed before the Payment Date.

Any Cyprus tax-resident shareholder shall remain solely liable for paying the Special Contribution on the Interim Dividend received, unless the Special Contribution is withheld from the Interim Dividend upon payment.

Further announcement(s) will be issued by the Company in relation to the payment of the Interim Dividend, if required.

By Order of the board of directors of
United Company RUSAL Plc
Aby Wong Po Ying
Company Secretary

30 September 2016

As at the date of this announcement, the executive Directors are Mr. Oleg Deripaska, Mr. Vladislav Soloviev and Mr. Siegfried Wolf, the non-executive Directors are Mr. Maxim Sokov, Mr. Dmitry Afanasiev, Mr. Len Blavatnik, Mr. Ivan Glasenberg, Mr. Maksim Goldman, Ms. Gulzhan Moldazhanova, Mr. Daniel Lesin Wolfe, Ms. Olga Mashkovskaya, and Ms. Ekaterina Nikitina, and the independent non-executive Directors are Mr. Matthias Warnig (Chairman), Mr. Philip Lader, Dr. Elsie Leung Oi-sie, Mr. Mark Garber, Mr. Dmitry Vasiliev and Mr. Bernard Zonneveld.

All announcements and press releases published by the Company are available on its website under the links http://www.rusal.ru/en/investors/info.aspx, http://rusal.ru/investors/info/moex/ and http://www.rusal.ru/en/press-center/press-releases.aspx, respectively.


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