Knotch Launches Market-Leading, Integrated Intelligence Suite for Brands

Brands gain an understanding of the real-time performance of their digital marketing, that of competitors and actions to take to stay ahead

Knotch Launches Market-Leading, Integrated Intelligence Suite for Brands (Photo: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--Knotch, the leading, independent provider of real-time intelligence on digital marketing, today announced it has expanded its intelligence suite for brands beyond its core Measurement component and, with that, will soon provide access to pre- and post-campaign intelligence (Knowledge and Wisdom) for digital marketing. With a strong focus on branded content intelligence, Knotch is used by Fortune 100 companies including GE, a beta client of the new, integrated suite.

“We’ve worked alongside marketers in the fast-changing, digital world over the last ten months to develop the next generation intelligence solution required for them to visualize, understand and trust sentiment and engagement information from hundreds of channels and creative formats. We say ‘intelligence’ here at Knotch because the word ‘data’ has become diluted. Any real layer of value is levels beyond data alone,” said Anda Gansca, CEO, Knotch. “The two new components of our suite - Knowledge and Wisdom - stemmed from our realization that to create real value for brands, we needed to evolve into the land of contextual intelligence. Today, attention is scarce. Even with independent, real-time intelligence around one’s own digital marketing efforts, most marketers are left wondering, how do I compare against everything else being produced, and more specifically, how do I compare against my competitors? These fundamental questions Knotch is now able to answer.”

Knotch’s redesigned, integrated platform now encompasses three complementary components:

  • Measurement: With its new look and feel, Measurement provides brands with an overview of their own branded content performance and analytics. Metrics including total content pieces by type and publisher, engagement, time spent, demographics, overall brand sentiment and more are provided in a highly visual format at an aggregate level. Individual branded content pieces are represented visually as well with associated performance data all within Measurement. The redesign allows marketers to access the more in-depth analysis on each content campaign or comparison reports by clicking into their detailed Measurement dashboard.
  • Knowledge: Built to provide contextual intelligence to brands, Knowledge enables marketers to search and follow brands or publishers who are actively creating branded content. Users can access real-time insights into what’s happening in the branded content universe in which they work, an effort essential in pre-campaign research. Trending brands and publishers can be curated by each user to create a custom feed specific to their interests. Search results are shareable with one-click via Knotch, enabling the easy deployment of Knowledge organization-wide.
  • Wisdom: As marketers ask increasingly nuanced questions about the optimal volume for branded content, seek to uncover new creative opportunities and understand discrepancies between their investments and those of their competitors, Wisdom is there to meet those needs. Also seamlessly shareable across teams, Wisdom enables marketers to quickly identify opportunities to increase share of voice in their vertical, understand and optimize their content lifespan, identify top performing content they could repurpose with residual budget, understand the evolution of sentiment by demographic and location and more. Knowledge & Measurement come together to create actionability with Wisdom.

"At GE, we take pride in identifying early and innovative marketing partners. We’ve partnered with Knotch to understand, benchmark and optimize our significant content investment," said Andy Markowitz, General Manager, Performance Marketing, GE. "The combination of attitudinal and behavioral insight into our content's performance allows us to better understand the impact of our investment when it comes to distribution and creative strategy."

About Knotch
Knotch is the leading, independent provider of real-time intelligence on digital marketing. The Knotch Intelligence Suite for Brands allows marketers to have a real-time, comparative view that they can trust into their own digital marketing efforts as well as their competitors and partners. For more information, please visit


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Knotch Launches Integrated Intelligence Suite for Brands. Brands gain an understanding of the real-time performance of their digital marketing, that of competitors and actions to take.


Kate Gundry, 617-797-5174